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PornHub + Ransomware = Tension, Money Loss, Device Unusable, Harm to Society

PornHub I know this word is not an open keyword, however a Top keyword and the website pornhub.com is ranked at the 40th place in India.  Why am i writing about PornHub?

The reason is pretty simple to get more mileage to my website. Jokes apart, there is a fake apps in Google Play Store "PornHub" and this is Ransomware as the name goes it’s a type of virus or techniques which get installed and you have to pay money to get your device released.  It’s not a joke, in India we don’t too much bother about as we would just format the phone, however in other countries it’s a major risk.

As "PornHub" website is ranked in top 15 website visited daily in India, advice people, please don’t install this fake "PornHub" apps on your android phone.  I have extract a full details about the Ransomware & PornHub from eset report.  

The image and the below description is courtesy of eset

Ransomware meets fake av, meets…porn - The second fake AV ransomware example doesn’t go under a madeup name like Android Defender, but instead parasitizes the name of a legitimate Android security application from Avast1. Fake copies of legitimate antivirus programs used to be the domain of rogue AVs on Windows. Curiously, the malware, detected by ESET as Android/FakeAV.E also abuses another well-known brand: it spreads by pretending to be a mobile app for the adult video website PornHub. When the app is launched, instead of showing pornographic videos, it shows the user a message that says the device must first be “checked for viruses”. After clicking OK, the fake AV, which is made to look like Avast,runs its scam scan.

The narrative in this fraud is rather odd. First, the message shown by the fake Avast GUI states that the “device is in danger and is now blocked for security reasons” and that a Pro version must be bought. While a legitimate antivirus would obviously not render a device unusable, that text is more-or-less corresponds to rogue AV behavior. However, the ransom nag screen that’s displayed as the devices is locked talks about an obligation to pay a 100 USD fine to avoid legal consequences.

I request you to NOT TO WATCH porn, every keyword your search remember it’s a new trap being laid to get you the porn and why you should be source of the crime.  Please think before you watch.  The trap gets bigger when there is more and more demand and when you search for different porn keyword there is a situation being created for getting that video which spoils a life.

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