Add craziness to your WhatsApp messages. BeatApp is here...

We have been sharing some great experiences with our readers. Here come with another interview of a new Mobile App that got launched recently. We got a chance to interact with the BEAT APP team. They like Instagram & Snapchat and the originality of Musically. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

YouthApps: Doing things that excite you the most! This is all we can say when hearing your story. Why don't you share it with others?

BeatApp: There are always at least one or two people in your WhatsApp group that use the voice message function, you either love it or hate it. One day Idan and I got a funny voice message from a friend of ours saying “LET’S DO SOMETHING YOU B!#$ICHES!”, as we got the message, Idan looked at me and said ‘we gotta sample it.'
We took his voice message, imported it to Ableton and started playing around with it. The result was hilarious, and one questions kept repeating itself: “How did you do it?! “
Two weeks later we already had an initial sketch of the app design, got together with two super-developers Yossi & Aviv and after six months of hard work (don’t forget we have day jobs!), BeatApp came to life.

“We think the focus of our app has on the social side (WhatsApp) and the fact that the unique material used is any of your friend's voices, makes sure BeatApp stays fresh, funny and original.”

YouthApps: Interesting! I am sure a lot of our readers would also like it. So how do you plan to take it to expand your customer base?

BeatApp: Our plan at the moment is to reach out to the most relevant people, those who would like to try BeatApp and share their masterpieces within their groups. We’re also planning on getting reviewed on the most common blogs and making sure our social presence is memorable.

YouthApps: How do you see the future of your app?

BeatApp: For now, we hope to reach as many people as we can. In the near future, maybe we’ll turn BeatApp into something more than just a tool for whatsapp, like a global bank of cool samples to remix and have fun with, while keeping it totally free.

We were glad to have had interaction with the Beat App team. The team will soon launch more features to the App apart from having this feature for other social platforms. They plan to provide better social experience to their users. To know about the features of BeatApp, Click here.

This App is going to make a great addition to your smart phone. You can download the App by clicking here.