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About Youth Apps

Why are we special?

Gone are the days when we used to build complex hardware components. Welcome to this new era of Software based products. Youthapps.in is here to help you explore something youthful every day, with some amazing views on the Apps that are getting launched in various stores every day.

Your companion in decision making

As a user, you might not install an App without a reason. You have a need and there are apps that fulfill them. So, while you search for a Mobile App in the App Store, you might get a list. The decision is still not taken, you would like to understand what others think about the apps and how much have they rated it. Youthapps does the homework for you. You think about an App and Youthapps will have an analysis of what users think about the app, how many have installed them and performance issues faced on different devices. We don't take decisions for you, we just enable them.

The Team at Youthapps puts a lot of effort in understanding each of these Apps and reviews them by collecting a lot of information shared across various platforms. Our Analytics engine collects sentiments of users and arrives at providing you with valuable insights on the App.

Why Youth Apps?

We have enough information to guide you on an App that you need to install to solve your problem. At Youth Apps, we hand pick the apps and present you with the vital stats like number of installs, average rating by previous users and also the features as described by the developer.  We believe that every user has their own preference and it’s difficult to find the right apps on your behalf, however, we can guarantee that you will install an app which we have shortlisted or handpicked.

Our Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, Top 15 mobile app selections will help you to get a clear understanding on the apps which you are looking for and also will help you to take a decision.