Latest Enterprise mobility management Mobile Apps Collection

 Enterprise mobility management Case Study

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) has been trending from early 2014 and now is has kept evolving and achieving high efficiency towards resources productivity, oh wait lets first understand what is Enterprise mobility?
"Enterprise mobility refers to an approach which enable employees to do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications"
Generally, it refers to the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for business purposes also where the mobility of corporate data and of workers themselves being available on any platform. Cloud computing has given a different dimension and the platform for accessing everything on the raw internet in a secured manner.

Enterprise mobility gives employees flexibility to complete their work and can improve productivity.  Microsoft approach towards moving the Office 365 into cloud platform has helped many organization to help them move towards Enterprise Mobility in one way or the other.   BYOD (Bring your own device) also contribute towards Enterprise mobility.

Aadhaar in India is a very good example of portability and would have already saved millions of papers by its ekyc facility. Linking Aadhaar platform into their system, the telecom companies does not need to collect any copies of address and other details which a good example of Enterprise Mobility and Portability is.

So let’s look at real time example of Enterprise Mobility where one of the biggest corporate in India Reliance Industry using mobile apps to get most of the task done by their employees.  We list out the Reliance Enterprise Mobility mobile apps which gives you a good idea on how the enterprises are implementing and getting the benefit.  We know there could be other organization which has implemented more and advanced Enterprise Mobility solution.

Reliance Enterprise Mobility mobile apps collection
Learning app with interactive video based content for Jio Partners
Remote control your trucks on the GO for Transconnect Fleet Members
Candidate Registration and document submission
POD by customer after delivery
Complete Solution for Cash Management at RO : Easy & Secured Cash deposition
Agents & Customers of RIL can access real time Order Status and Invoice Reports
Allows quick cash loading on the go for Reliance Trans-Connect Fleet Members
Channel partners of RPML can carry out primary business activities on the go
Employee Self Service for Network18 Employees.
Learnet is video and text based social learning platform for RIL
Confirm Vehicle number against allocated shipment on the vendor portal
VTS helps Reliance Transporter to map their trucks with the GPS device of GTrac.
Allows transporters to confirm their consignment pickup for Reliance customers.
Submit ideas from anywhere on the official MK app! (For RIL employees only)
To Upload Invoice copy of shipment /register a maintenance complaint at RCD.
A visitor guide tool to reach their destination in easy and smart way
Auto Track helps in tracking live Reliance consignments with in the plant.
This Application enables Purchasing and Contracting approvals for Network 18.
Quick and hassle free redemptions of meal and breakfast for customers
This Application enables ESS based approvals for Network 18 Employees.