Latest Martell Liquor Price & Cost

Updated Prices of Martell Cognac in 2023: From VS to XO and Blue Swift | Actualisation des prix du Cognac Martell en 2023 : Du VS au XO et Blue Swift

Latest Martell Liquor Price & Cost

Over the course of 300 years, Martell has been making premium cognac. The origins of the firm may be traced back to 1715, when Jean Martell established it in the French city of Cognac. Martell is one of the oldest and most famous cognac firms in the world, producing some of the finest and most nuanced eaux-de-vie available.

The distinctive flavor of Martell cognac comes from the special combination of grapes cultivated in the Cognac area of France that go into making the eaux-de-vie that go into making the cognac. Martell's cognacs, made from a combination of Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard grapes, are matured for at least three years in wood barrels. Martell cognacs are highly prized by connoisseurs all over the world because of the nuanced taste that develops throughout the maturing process.

The cost of a bottle of Martell cognac varies with the kind and age of the eaux-de-vie used to make it. For instance, a 750 ml bottle of Martell VS, the company's entry-level cognac, may cost anywhere from $40 to $50. As one moves up the line, the price also does, with a 750ml bottle of Martell XO cognac going for anywhere between $150 and $200. Martell's Blue Swift, their top of the line product, may cost as much as $300–$350.

Latest Martell Liquor Price List 2023

Latest Martell LiquorSizePrice
Martell X.O. Cognac750 ml₹21,000
Vsop Cognac France1 Liter₹7,800
Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac70 CL₹17,000
Martell XO Cognac 40%750 ml₹15,000
Martell VS Single Distillery750ml$26.99 - $35.99
L’OR De Jean Martell750ml$3397.99 - $3399.99
Martell VSOP750ml$34.99 - $46.99
Martell Cordon Bleu750ml$129.99 - $159.99
Martell Cordon Bleu Extra750ml$169.99 - $203.99
Martell XO750ml$169.99 - $199.99
Martell Blue Swift750ml$36.99 - $42.99

Everywhere you go, you may find Martell cognac for sale. Direct purchases may be made at the Martell distillery in Cognac, France, where tourists can also tour the premises, learn about the production process, and sample several Martell cognacs.

Cognac from Martell is especially well-liked in France and the rest of the European Union. The firm has deep roots in France's cognac area and enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the country's most prestigious cognac producers. It also helps that Europe is home to a robust distribution network for the brand, expanding its potential customer base.

Cognac consumption has been on the upswing in recent years, and it is worth mentioning that Martell cognac is especially well-liked in China. Martell is a top seller in China, which has become the world's largest market for cognac.

To sum up, Martell is a cognac label that's been making premium alcohol for almost three hundred years. Cognacs produced by the firm are lauded for their exceptional complexity, silkiness, and mix of eaux-de-vie. Martell cognac is expensive, but it's well worth it. The cost depends on the kind of cognac and the age of the eaux-de-vie used. Those interested in cognac could plan a trip to Cognac, France, and stop by the Martell distillery to take a tour, learn about the making of cognac, and sample several Martell brands.