Latest Duty Free Liquor Price at Jeju Island (CJU)

Updated Liquor Price at Jeju Island in Duty Free Shops

Latest Duty Free Liquor Price at Jeju Island (CJU)

The island of Jeju, in South Korea, is a popular vacation spot due to its attractive beaches, verdant woods, and preserved traditional culture. Travelers love taking advantage of Jeju's duty-free shops at the airport.

Jeju Duty Free Shopping: The Perfect Way to Stock Up on Luxury Items

Many different types of duty-free businesses, from cosmetics to jewellery, can be found in Jeju International Airport. However, alcoholic beverages are among the most frequently bought things at Jeju's duty-free stores.

Visitors may stock up on the island's famously high-quality soju, a traditional Korean liquor produced from rice, at the airport's duty-free shops. Visitors can purchase not only soju, but also whisky, vodka, and wine.

Koreans and foreigners departing from Jeju Island by plane or ship

  • ID and boarding pass required
  • For Koreans: resident registration card, driver's license, youth registration card, etc. (real ID that can be verified with a photo and 13 digits of resident registration number), mobile driver's license Excluded), mobile resident registration card (Government 24 app, PASS app-name, photo, 13-digit confirmation of resident registration card required / QR recognition is not possible)

  • For foreigners: passport or alien registration card

Jeju Regulation About Liquor: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

  1. Before purchasing liquor at the duty-free shops in Jeju, it's important to be aware of the regulations and limits in place. According to the Korean Customs Service, visitors are allowed to purchase 2 bottles per person (less than $400), per day. Additionally, the purchased liquor must be for personal consumption and cannot be resold.

Liquor Price at Jeju Island (CJU) Duty Free

Liquor NamePrice in USDPrice in KRW
Dewars Double Double 32 Years 500ml$360.00(KRW 444,020)
Ballantines 30YO Restage$359.10(KRW 442,910)
Royal Salute 32 years$359.10(KRW 442,910)
Johnnie Walker King George V (500ml)$359.10(KRW 442,910)
JW Blue Label Ghost and Rare Glenury Roy1L03x01$359.10(KRW 442,910)
[Liquor Reservation] Meukow Esprit de Famille$359.10(KRW 442,910)
amuse bouche$359.10(KRW 442,910)
Latricier Chambertin Grand Cru (2014)$350.10(KRW 431,810)
Chivas Regal 25Y (70cl)$312.30(KRW 385,190)
Meukow Extra 70cl$309.60(KRW 381,860)
JW BLUE LABEL CNY RABBIT 1.0L$304.20(KRW 375,200)
Dana Estate, Onda Cabernet Sauvignon$297.00(KRW 366,310)
Hennessy XO(100cl)NEW$279.00(KRW 344,110)
Shabo Extra (700ml)$279.00(KRW 344,110)
Royal Brackla 21 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey 700ml$274.50(KRW 338,560)
Dewars Double Double 27 Years 500ml$270.00(KRW 333,010)
Royal Salute 25YO Restage 70cl$265.50(KRW 327,460)
Dewar's 25 Year Scotch Whiskey 750ml$261.00(KRW 321,910)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1L$253.80(KRW 313,030)
Piper Heidzig Rare 2008$243.00(KRW 299,710)
Ballantines 23YO Glentauchers$217.80(KRW 268,630)
Royal Salute 21Y Restage 100cl$205.20(KRW 253,090)
Camu Bordery Family Reserve 700ml$202.50(KRW 249,760)
Hennessy XO(70cl)NEW$198.00(KRW 244,210)
CAMUS XO 70cl$194.40(KRW 239,770)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (750ml)$190.80(KRW 235,330)
Everfeldy 21 Year Old Madeira Cask Single Malt Whiskey 700ml$189.00(KRW 233,110)
CR ULTIS 100cl$189.00(KRW 233,110)
Steamships Rum Cask$184.50(KRW 227,560)
Ballantines 23YO American Oak Cask$180.90(KRW 223,120)
TWO HANDS ARES(2017)$178.20(KRW 219,790)
Royal Salute 21Y The Peated Blend 70cl$171.00(KRW 210,910)
Graham 30 Year Old$171.00(KRW 210,910)
SJF Classic Slimpack 50cl$170.10(KRW 209,800)
Meukow Grand Champagne(70cl)$170.10(KRW 209,800)
Royal Brackla 18 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey 700ml$167.40(KRW 206,470)
New XO Gift Rack 70cl$164.70(KRW 203,140)
James Hennessy$162.00(KRW 199,810)
Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru$160.20(KRW 197,590)
Sujeongbang 52 degrees 750ml$156.60(KRW 193,150)
Brunello Riserva$156.60(KRW 193,150)
Altmore 18 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey 700ml$151.20(KRW 186,490)
Amarone Riserva (75cl)$149.40(KRW 184,260)
Royal Salute 21Y Restage 70cl$144.00(KRW 177,600)
Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose$142.20(KRW 175,380)
Jose Cuervo Reserva 30Y$140.40(KRW 173,160)
RS 21YO The Polo Estancia 70cl$139.50(KRW 172,050)
Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander$135.00(KRW 166,500)
Ballantines 21YO Restage$129.60(KRW 159,840)
Glenmorangie 19 Year Old$129.60(KRW 159,840)
Horse Sun (75cl)$123.30(KRW 152,070)
Everfeldy 16 Year Old Madeira Cask Single Malt Whiskey 1000ml$119.70(KRW 147,630)
INNISKILLIN Gabernet Franc(37.5)$119.70(KRW 147,630)
TWO HANDS HOLY GRAIL$118.80(KRW 146,520)
Montes Alpha M$115.20(KRW 142,080)
Peller Cabernet Franc$112.50(KRW 138,750)
The Glenlivet Triple Cask Matured Rare Cask 1L$111.60(KRW 137,640)
Beau Joie Rose$111.60(KRW 137,640)
Pioneer Shiraz$111.60(KRW 137,640)
Alox Corton$109.80(KRW 135,420)
Dalwhinnie 15YO 1L$108.00(KRW 133,200)
Ballantines 18YO Glenburgie$107.10(KRW 132,090)
Talisker Dark Storm1.0L06x01$106.20(KRW 130,980)
Beluga Allure 700ml$103.50(KRW 127,650)
Glenmorangie 16 Year Old Tribute$102.60(KRW 126,540)
Cadel Bosco Maurizio Janela$99.90(KRW 123,210)
Ardbeck Coribrecan$99.00(KRW 122,100)
Orin Swift Palermo$99.00(KRW 122,100)
Shabo X-O Superior$94.50(KRW 116,550)
Bacardi 16 Year 1000ml$94.50(KRW 116,550)
Graham 20 Year Old$92.70(KRW 114,330)
Talisker 10Y$91.80(KRW 113,220)
Beau Joie Brut$91.80(KRW 113,220)
JW Aged 18 Years$90.00(KRW 111,000)
INNISKILLIN Riesling (37.5cl)$90.00(KRW 111,000)
Hendricks Amazonia$46.80(KRW 57,720)

Jeju Duty Free FAQ: Answers to Common Questions About Shopping for Liquor in Jeju

  • Can I purchase more than 1 liter of liquor per day?
            Alcohol: 2 bottles per person (less than $400).
  • Can I purchase liquor for someone else?
            No, the purchased liquor must be for personal consumption only.
  • Can I purchase a combination of different types of liquor?
            Yes, as long as the total amount does not exceed $400, per day.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on the liquor I purchase at the duty-free shop?
            No, all items purchased at duty-free shops are tax-free.

Shopping for liquor at the duty-free shops in Jeju International Airport is a great way to stock up on high-quality soju and other types of liquor at a great price. By being aware of the regulations and limits in place, and familiarizing yourself with the frequently asked questions, you can make the most out of your duty-free shopping experience in Jeju.

So, if you're seeking for a vacation spot that offers a little bit of everything, including stunning scenery, fascinating history, and high-end shopping, go no farther than Jeju Island. The duty-free shops at Jeju International Airport sell a broad choice of premium alcoholic beverages at low prices, making it an ideal spot to stock up on your favourite drinks before a trip. If you play by the rules and stay inside the limitations, your shopping trip will go off without a hitch.