Latest Liquor Price at Mumbai Duty Free Shops

Liquor Price at Mumbai Duty Free

Latest Liquor Price at Mumbai Duty Free Shops

Are you a traveler looking to purchase some high-quality liquor at a great price before your next trip? Look no further than the duty free shops at Mumbai airport! At the duty free shops in Mumbai Airport, you may find a large variety of alcoholic beverages from both foreign and local producers. Everyone from wine snobs to whiskey nerds to beer nerds can find something they like at the duty free shop.

Shopping for liquor at the duty free section offers many benefits, one of the most notable being the avoidance of taxes. Thus, you can typically save a lot of money compared to the price of the same items at a regular store. In addition, the duty free stores at Mumbai International Airport carry an extensive collection of unique, one-of-a-kind items that can't be found anywhere else.

Duty free shops at Mumbai International Airport have an extensive collection of red and white wines from some of the world's most acclaimed vineyards. In addition to the usual suspects like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, you can try something a little different like Tempranillo, Gewürztraminer, or Viognier.

Mumbai Duty Free LiquorsLiquor Price
Macallan Oscuro 70cl₹85,000.00
Dewar's 30 YO Ne Plus Ultra 70cl₹46,150.00
Glen Keith 28YO Speyside 70cl₹45,600.00
Lahproaig 25YO 70cl₹43,800.00
Glenlivet 25YO 70cl₹40,500.00
Ballantine's 30 YO 70cl₹35,000.00
Talisker 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl₹30,350.00
Chivas Ultra 25YO 70cl₹30,350.00
Krug Grande Cuvee 75cl₹26,200.00
Royal Brackla Cawdor Estate 21 YO 70cl₹26,100.00
Macallan Enigma 70cl₹25,600.00
Caperdonich Peated 21YO 70cl₹24,150.00
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹24,050.00
Martell XO Cognac 70cl₹22,150.00
Royal Salute 21 YO 100cl₹19,950.00
Glengoyne 21 YO 70cl₹19,900.00
Dalmore King Alexander 70cl₹19,800.00
Aultmore 18 YO 70cl₹18,800.00
Chivas Regal Ultis Blended Scotch Whisky 100cl₹17,850.00
Glenlivet Archive 21YO 70cl₹16,900.00
Otard XO Gold 70cl₹16,750.00
Royal Salute 21YO The Lost Blend 70cl₹16,650.00
Macallan Terra 70cl₹15,950.00
Martell Cordon Bleu 70cl₹14,950.00
Johnnie Walker Multipack 4x20cl₹14,200.00
Royal Salute 21 YO 70cl₹13,950.00
Glen Keith 21YO Speyside 70cl₹13,900.00
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select 100cl₹13,490.00
Royal Salute World Polo 70cl₹13,400.00
Dalmore 15 YO 100cl₹13,350.00
Hazelwood 25YO 50cl₹12,800.00
Caperdonich Peated 18YO 70cl₹12,650.00
Beluga Gold Line 100cl₹12,550.00
Ballantine's 21 YO 70cl₹11,750.00
The Glenlivet 18 YO 100cl₹11,700.00
Chivas Regal 18YO Japanese Oak Whisky Ultimate Cask Col...₹11,600.00
Laphroaig The 1815 Legacy Edition 70cl₹11,150.00
Chivas Regal 18 YO 100cl₹10,150.00
Kininvie 17 YO 35cl₹10,050.00
Jura The Paps 19 YO 70cl₹10,050.00
Grey Goose Twin Pack 2x100cl₹10,050.00
Glenlivet MDR SM Batch 100cl₹9,900.00
Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 75cl₹9,850.00
Bowmore 18 YO 70cl₹9,700.00
Glenffidich Select Cask 2x100cl₹9,550.00
Grey Goose VX 100cl₹9,400.00
Longmorn 18YO Speyside 70cl₹9,150.00
Laproaig PX Cask 100cl₹9,050.00
Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹9,000.00
Glenfiddich 18 YO 70cl₹8,800.00
Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso 100cl₹8,600.00
Aberlour A Bunadh 70cl₹8,600.00
Talisker Dark Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1L Travel...₹8,200.00
Dalmore Valour 100cl₹8,150.00
Oban Little Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1L₹8,150.00
Beluga Allure 70cl₹7,950.00
Glenmorangie Duthac 100cl₹7,950.00
Glenlivet Nadurra First Fill 100cl₹7,750.00
Grey Goose Ducasse 70cl₹7,700.00
The Glenlivet 15 YO 100cl₹7,650.00
Balvenie 12 YO 100cl₹7,450.00
Aberlour 16 YO Double Cask 70cl₹7,350.00
Chivas Regal 18 YO 75cl₹7,350.00
Ballantine's 17 YO 75cl₹7,200.00
Macallan Quest 100cl₹7,050.00
Glenlivet TCM White Oak Reserve 40% 100cl₹7,000.00
Jura The Bay 12 YO 100cl₹7,000.00
Glenfiddich 15 YO 100cl₹6,850.00
Remy Martin Prime Cellar No.16 100cl₹6,800.00
Glenfiddich Reserve Cask 100cl₹6,550.00
Bowmore 15 YO 100cl₹6,450.00
Talisker 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1L₹6,400.00
Aberlour 12YO Double Cask 100cl₹6,400.00
Glenmorangie Tayne 100cl₹6,300.00
Laphroaig 10 YO 100cl₹6,300.00
CHIVAS REGAL XV 15YO 100 CL₹6,250.00
The Glenlivet 12 YO 100cl₹6,250.00
Courvoisier VSOP TR Oak 100cl₹6,200.00
Glengoyne Balbaina 100cl₹6,200.00
Ballantine's Milton Duff 15 YO 70cl₹6,050.00
Ardmore Triplewood 100cl₹5,950.00
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky...₹5,900.00
Auchentoshan Heartwood 100cl₹5,850.00
Zacapa Centenario 23 Years Rum 100cl₹5,800.00
The Botanist Gin 100cl₹5,800.00
Aberfeldy 12 YO 100cl₹5,800.00
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Twinpack 2x100cl₹5,650.00
Chita Suntory 70cl₹5,600.00
Laphroaig Four Oak 100cl₹5,600.00
Redbreast 12YO 70cl₹5,550.00
Martell VS 100cl₹5,450.00
Glengoyne 21 YO 20cl₹5,400.00
Johnnie Walker Island Green Blended Malt Scotch Whisky...₹5,400.00
Hennessy VS 100cl₹5,350.00
Absolut Elyx 100cl₹5,300.00
Glenfiddich Select Cask 100cl₹5,250.00
Belvedere Pink Grapefruit 100cl₹5,150.00
Beluga Celebration 100cl₹5,100.00
Mumm Cordon Rouge 75cl₹5,100.00
Grey Goose Vodka 100cl₹5,050.00
Belvedere Vodka 100cl₹5,050.00
Chivas Regal Mizunara 70cl₹4,900.00
Chivas Regal Extra 100cl₹4,850.00
Martell VS Fine Champagne 100cl₹4,800.00
Bowmore 10 YO SH 100cl₹4,800.00
Woodford Reserve 100cl₹4,800.00
The Glenlivet Founders Reserve 100cl₹4,700.00
Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹4,600.00
Beluga Noble Vodka 100cl₹4,600.00
Oxley Gin 100cl₹4,600.00
Chivas Regal Brothers Blend 100cl₹4,450.00
Jameson Signature Reserve 100cl₹4,450.00
Ciroc Moschino Vodka 1L Limited Edition₹4,400.00
Ciroc Vodka 100cl₹4,400.00
Star Of Bombay 100cl₹4,350.00
Makers Mark Bourbon 100cl₹4,300.00
Ballantine's Finest Twin Pack Cary 2x100cl₹4,300.00
Tanqueray No. Ten Gin 100cl₹4,100.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Triple Cask Blended Scotch W...₹4,050.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky 2 x 1L T...₹4,000.00
Bacardi Reserva Ocho 100cl₹3,850.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin Blended Scot...₹3,850.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Islay Origin Blended Scotch...₹3,850.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Lowland Origin Blended Scotc...₹3,850.00
Hendrick’s Gin 100cl₹3,800.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch...₹3,800.00
Courvoisier VS Double Oak 100cl₹3,700.00
Jack Daniel's Bottled In Bond 100cl₹3,550.00
Ballantine's 12YO 100cl₹3,450.00
Jameson Irish Whisky Caskmates Stout Edition 100cl₹3,400.00
Chivas Regal 12 YO 100cl₹3,350.00
Absolut 100 100cl₹3,200.00
Jack Daniel's Tennessee 100cl₹3,100.00
Jack Daniel's Honey 100cl₹3,100.00
Roku Gin 70cl₹3,050.00
Jameson Irish 100cl₹2,950.00
Bombay Sapphire 100cl₹2,700.00
Jim Beam Black 100cl₹2,650.00
Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 100cl₹2,600.00
Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Gin 100cl₹2,600.00
Jagermeister 100cl₹2,500.00
Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur 1L₹2,400.00
Baileys Salted Caramel Liqueur 1L₹2,400.00
Khalua Coffee Liquor 100cl₹2,250.00
Tanqueray London Dry Gin 100cl₹2,200.00
Sauza Extra Gold 100cl₹2,200.00
Sauza Silver Tequila 100cl₹2,200.00
Absolut Vodka Grapefruit 100cl₹2,150.00
Malibu Rum 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Vodka Blue 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Citron 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Mandrin 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Pears 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Raspberri 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Vanilla 100cl₹2,150.00
Ballantine's Finest 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Apeach 100cl₹2,150.00
Absolut Lime 100cl₹2,150.00
Ballantine's Fin True Music 100cl₹2,050.00
Baileys Strawberries & Cream Liqueur 70cl₹2,000.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹2,000.00
Bacardi Carta Blanca 100cl₹1,950.00
J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹1,800.00
Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz 75cl₹1,750.00
Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay 75cl₹1,750.00
100 Piper Scotch Whisky 100cl₹1,750.00
Ricard 45% Alc 100cl₹1,750.00
Jacob's Creek Sparkling Rose 75cl₹1,700.00
Gordon's Dry Gin 100cl₹1,700.00
Passport Scotch Whisky 100cl₹1,700.00
Absolut Fives 5x5cl₹1,650.00
Vat 69 Blended Scotch Whisky 1L₹1,600.00
Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir 75cl₹1,500.00
Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rose 75cl₹1,450.00
Jacob's Creek Chardonnay 75cl₹1,450.00
Jacob's Creek Semillon Chardonnay 75cl₹1,450.00
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 100cl₹1,450.00
Jacob's Creek Merlot 75cl₹1,450.00
Jacob's Creek SHZ/CAB 75cl₹1,450.00

There is a wide selection of scotch, bourbon, and Irish whiskey available at the duty free shops. Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel's, and Jameson are just a few of the well-known labels available, along with some more unusual and hard-to-find bottles.

Beer lovers, rejoice: the duty-free stores stock an impressive array of domestic and foreign brews. You may stock up on your favorite brands like Heineken, Budweiser, and Carlsberg, as well as unique brews you can only find in duty free.

Those passing through Mumbai International Airport should peruse the duty-free shops for their large assortment of booze and the tax-free prices and unique products they offer. There's something here for everyone, whether they're vino aficionados, bourbon snobs, or beer fanatics.