Latest Liquor Price List in Australia

Alcoholic Beverage Prices in Australia, 2023

Latest Liquor Price List in Australia

When it comes to alcohol, supply and demand in Australia can have a significant impact on pricing. Here's a rundown of the most popular alcoholic drinks and how much they typically cost around the country. You don't have to be a beer snob, wine snob, or booze hound to appreciate the information in this book.

Keep in mind that prices might vary widely between stores, even those located in the same physical area. Many individuals choose to buy booze online since it is cheaper and more convenient to have it delivered to their house.

Latest Australia Liquor Prices

Alcoholic BeverageSizePrice
The Macallan M Scotch Whiskybottle9599.99
Highland Park 40 Year Old 2019 Releasebottle6975.00
Chivas Regal The Icon Scotch Whiskybottle4699.99
Highland Park 30 Year Old 2019 Releasebottle2358.00
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Chinese New Year 2023bottle1079.96
E.H. Taylor Small BatchBottle960.00
Oban 21 Year Oldbottle866.29
Fireball Keg 5.25Lbox709.00
Hennessy Cognac X.O. Magnumbottle699.99
Don Julio Tequila Real Extra Anejo Tequilabottle620.00
MOUNTAIN Oak Single Maltbottle599.00
Bacardi Facundo NeoBottle539.94
Kweichow Moutai Flying Fairybottle529.00
Ballantine's 30 Year Old GBbottle523.99
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundasbox499.99
Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Ginbottle496.74
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Ginbottle485.94
Four Pillars Olive Leaf Ginbottle485.94
Redbreast 21 Year Oldbottle401.99
Hennessy XO 700ml & Ice Stamp Packbox399.99
Hennessy XO Lunar New Year Edition 2023box385.00
Drops of Juniper Australian Navy Strength Ginbottle380.00
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities Of The Future Sydney Editionbottle375.00
Sullivans Cove Single Cask XO Brandybottle369.99
Royal Lochnagar Distillery 16 Year Old Special Releases 2021bottle360.00
Blue Harbour Spirits Black Truffle Infusion Vodkabottle348.99
Bacardi Reserva Limitada 1Lbottle319.99
Flor de Cana 25 Years Old Rumbottle318.99
BenRiach 10 Year Old Triple Distilledbottle314.99
Martell XO Cognacbottle314.99
Jack Daniels Sinatra Select 1Lbottle309.99
Akashi 4 Year Old Red Wine Caskbottle299.99
Belvedere 'Congratulations' Silver Illuminated Saber Magnumbottle299.99
Belvedere 'Happy Birthday' Engraved Illuminated Saber Magnumbottle299.99
Lark Distillery Ruby Pinot Cask WhiskyBottle299.99
Aberlour 18 Years Old Double Caskbottle299.90
Lark Distillery Chinotto Cask Release Whiskybottle299.00
Westland Garryanabottle294.99
Akashi 4 Year Old White Wine Caskbottle289.99
Lark Distillery Rum Cask III 2021 Releasebottle279.99
Glenmorangie Signetbottle269.99
Hennessy VSOP Cognac Magnumbottle269.99
Highland Park 18 Year Oldbottle264.99
Cladach Blended Malt Scotch Whiskybottle262.49
Johnnie Walker Blue Labelbottle258.99
Sullivans Cove Double Cask XO Brandybottle255.99
Lark Distillery The Christmas Caskbox249.99
Lark Distillery Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Whiskybottle249.95
Tierra Noble Extra Anejobottle245.99
La Maison du Whisky Artist Collective No1 Glenlivet 10 Year Oldbottle241.69
Yamazakura Pure Maltbottle234.99
Fireball Firebox Cinnamon Whisky 3.5LBottle231.99
Ironhouse Distillery Tasman Whisky Sherry Caskbottle229.99
The Glenrothes 18 Year Old - The Soleo Collectionbottle229.99
Ron Zacapa XO Rumbottle219.99
Royal Salute 21 Year Oldbottle216.99
Redbreast 15 Year Oldbottle211.99
The Singleton Glendullan 15 Year Oldbottle209.90
Corazon Expresiones Anejo George T. Staggbottle199.99
Corazon Expresiones Thomas H. Handy Anejobottle199.99
Herradura Ultra Anejobottle199.99
Spirit Thief American Oak Shiraz Single Malt Whiskybottle199.99
Suntory AObottle199.99
National Cellar Guojiao 1573bottle199.90
Glann ar Mor Kornog Oloroso Finishbottle199.00
Lark Distillery Single Malt Classic Cask 43%bottle198.99
MOUNTAIN Red Gum Single Maltbottle198.99
Ardbeg Distillery Corryvreckanbottle189.90
Sansibar Small Batch Smokey Peatedbottle189.59
Maidenii Dry Vermouthbottle179.99
Lagavulin 16 Year Oldbottle178.99
Kirin Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskeybottle175.00
Metaxa Private Reservebottle172.99
Slingsby Navy Strength Ginbottle172.99
Glenmorangie 18 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Gift Boxed)bottle169.99
Smooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbonbottle169.99
Sonoma County 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskeybottle165.00
Willett Distillery Pot Still Reserve Carafebottle161.99
Aberlour A'bunadh Cask Strengthbottle160.99
Cardhu 11 Year Old 2020 Special Releasebottle160.00
Remy Martin Clubbottle159.99
Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 1Lbottle159.99
Tequila Fortaleza Reposadobottle159.99
White Possum Australian Whisky Tasting Set 12 x 30mLbottle156.39
Togouchi Kiwami Whiskybottle153.19
Kurayoshi 8 Year Old Pure Malt Whiskybottle152.19
The Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Reservebottle151.99
Dictador 20 Year Old Rumbottle149.99
Hyde 8 Year Old Cask Strengthbottle149.99
Redbreast Lustaubottle149.90
Slingsby London Dry Ginbottle146.99
Slingsby Old Tom Ginbottle146.99
Slingsby Rhubarb Ginbottle146.99
Limeburners Sherry Caskbottle145.99
Morris Muscat Barrels Single Malt Whiskybottle145.99
Cocktail Porter Raspberry Mint Mojito Kitbox145.00
Limeburners American Oakbottle144.99
Oban 14 Year Oldbottle144.99
Laphroaig Quarter Caskbottle142.99
Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskybottle141.99
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whiskybottle141.99
Akashi White Oak Single Maltbottle140.99
Adelaide Hills Distillery Muscat Finish Whiskeybottle139.99
Flor de Cana 18 Years Old Rumbottle139.99
Glen Grant Cask Haven 1LBottle139.99
Headlands Distilling Co. Muscat Single Malt Whiskybottle139.99
Hennessy VSOP 700ml + Coasters Packbox139.99
Nagahama Distillery Amahagan Summer EditionBottle139.99
Tequila Fortaleza Blancobottle138.99
Cambridge Distillery Japanese Ginbottle136.39
Compagnie des Indes Jamaica Navy Strength 5 Year Oldbottle135.99
White Possum Australian Gin Tasting Set 12 x 30mLbottle135.39
Nagahama Distillery Amahagan World Malt No. 1bottle134.99
Paul John Classic Select Caskbottle134.99
The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Oldbottle134.99
The Glenrothes Whisky Maker's Cutbottle133.99
Dalwhinnie 15 Year Oldbottle133.90
Starward Fortisbottle133.19
Caol Ila Mochbottle131.99
Michter's US 1 Small Batch Bourbonbottle131.99
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 1Lbottle129.99
Glen Grant 15 Year OldBottle129.99
Plantation Single Cask Fiji 2009bottle129.99
Plantation Single Cask Guyana 2008bottle129.99
Scapa The Orcadian Glansa Single Malt Scotch Whiskybottle129.99
Redbreast 12 Years Oldbottle128.99
Ardbeg Distillery An Oabottle127.99
Rogue Oregon Rye Malt Whiskeybottle127.49
Michter's US 1 Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskeybottle126.99
Westland American Oakbottle126.09
Caol Ila 12 Year Oldbottle125.99
Michter's US 1 Unblended American Whiskeybottle125.29
Bowmore 15 Year Oldbottle124.99
Glenmorangie Nectar D'Orbottle124.99
Ilegal Mezcal Reposadobottle124.99
Maidenii Classic Vermouthbottle124.99
Prohibition Liquor Co Christmas Ginbottle124.99
Westward American Single Malt Whiskeybottle124.99
Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila Anejo CristalinoBottle124.90
Starward Dolcebottle122.99
Talisker Port Ruighebottle122.99
The Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWoodbottle122.99
Santa Teresa 1796 Rumbottle121.99
Don Julio Tequila Reposadobottle120.99
Plantation Single Cask Barbados 6 Year Oldbottle119.99
The Singleton Dufftown 15 Year Oldbottle119.99
Chivas Regal 18 Year Oldbottle119.95
Nikka Black Rich Blendbottle119.90
Lord Howe Island Distilling Co. Wolfe Rockbottle118.49
GlenAllachie 12 Year Oldbottle117.99
Glenmorangie Quinta Rubanbottle117.99
Lagavulin 8 Year Oldbottle117.99
N Gin VLCbottle116.79
Eagle Rare 10 Year Oldbottle115.99
Martell Blue Swiftbottle115.99
Millstone Rye 92bottle114.99
The Craft & Co Navy Strength Ginbottle114.99
Bass & Flinders Angry Ant Ginbottle114.95
Bruichladdich The Classic Laddiebottle111.99
Glenfiddich Experimental Series XXbottle111.99
Heaven Hill Distillery Rittenhouse Ryebottle111.99
Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Australian Whiskeybottle109.99
Casamigos Tequila Anejo Tequilabottle109.99
GlenDronach 12 Year Oldbottle109.99
Glenfarclas 10 Year Oldbottle109.99
Glenmorangie Lasantabottle109.99
Ilegal Mezcal Jovenbottle109.99
Talisker 10 Year Oldbottle109.99
Arcane Extraromabottle109.19
Willett Distillery Johnny Drum Private Stockbottle109.00
Ardbeg Distillery 10 Year Oldbottle108.99
Don Julio Tequila Blancobottle108.99
Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbonbottle107.99
Corazon Anejo Tequilabottle106.99
Kurayoshi Pure Malt Whiskybottle106.99
Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Caskbottle105.99
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 1Lbottle105.99
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Selectbottle105.99
Longmorn The Distiller's Choicebottle105.99
The West Winds Gin The Broadsidebottle105.39
Ailsa Bay Single Malt Whiskybottle104.99
Dugite Whiskey Handcrafted Whiskeybottle104.99
Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Rumbottle104.99
Martell VSOP Red Barrelsbottle104.99
Patron Reposado Tequilabottle104.99
Seven Seasons Green Ant Ginbottle104.99
Lord Howe Island Distilling Co. Wild Lemon & Hibiscus Ginbottle104.39
Brogan's Way Royal Bloodbottle104.29
Chartreuse Greenbottle103.99
Manly Spirits Co Distillery Whisky Barrel Aged Ginbottle103.99
Forty Spotted Pinot Noir Ginbottle102.99
Laphroaig 10 Year Oldbottle102.99
Six Dogs Karoo Ginbottle102.89
Two Accents Shiraz Ginbottle102.89
The Glenrothes 12 Year Old - The Soleo Collectionbottle102.65
Arbikie Haar Vodkabottle101.49
Glenglassaugh Evolutionbottle100.99
Kurayoshi Matsui The Hakuto Premium Ginbottle100.99
Koval Distillery Bourbon Whiskeybottle100.79
Sauza Hornitos Reposado Tequilabottle100.29
Archie Rose Distilling Co. Distiller's Strength Ginbottle100.00
1919 Distilling Summer Pinkbottle99.99
Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Gin Gift Packbox99.99
Barsol Pisco Mosto Verde Italia Piscobottle99.99
Bass & Flinders Gin 10 Wild & Spicybottle99.99
Belvedere Heritage 176bottle99.99
Casamigos Tequila Reposadobottle99.99
Four Pillars 2022 Christmas Ginbottle99.99
Manly Spirits Co Distillery Coastal Stone Nor'easter Whiskybottle99.99
Nikka Black Deep Blend Whiskybottle99.99
Paul John Brillancebottle99.99
Remy Martin VSOPbottle99.99
Starward Novabottle99.99
Talisker Skyebottle99.99
Talisker Stormbottle99.99
The Glenlivet The Licensed Dram 12 Year Old Scotch WhiskyBottle99.99
The West Winds Gin The Barrel Expedition IIbottle99.99
Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila With Salt Rimmer Packbottle99.99
Rutte Celery Ginbottle99.90
Karu Distillery Lightning Ginbottle99.79
Starward Whisky Gift Packbox99.79
Arcane Delicatissimebottle99.29
Absolut Elyxbottle98.99
Canadian Club 20 Year Oldbottle98.99
Dictador 12 Years Solera System Rumbottle98.99
Morris Signature Australian Single Malt Whiskybottle98.99
Paul John Boldbottle98.99
Hyde No.5 6 Year Oldbottle98.90
Generous Ginbottle98.49
Bass & Flinders Monsoon Eastern Twistbottle98.00
The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskeybottle97.99
Mount Gay XO Extra Old Rumbottle96.99
Ardbeg Distillery Wee Beastie 5 Year Oldbottle95.99
Lord Howe Island Distilling Co. Wild Lemon Vodkabottle95.99
Patron Silver Tequila & Premium Cocktail Shaker Gift Packbox95.00
Sesion Tequila Reposadobottle95.00
Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartezekbottle94.99
Belvedere Single Estate Rye Smogory Forestbottle94.99
Connemara Original Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskeybottle94.99
Crystal Head Vodka Pride Editionbottle94.99
Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice Ginbottle94.99
Laphroaig Select Caskbottle94.99
Prohibition Liquor Co Mum's Ginbottle94.99
The West Winds Gin Sur Lie Ginbottle94.99
Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequilabottle94.99
Santamania Premium Grape Vodkabottle94.69
Barsol Pisco Acholado Piscobottle94.49
Brocken Spectre Tasmanian Summer Ginbottle94.49
Hartshorn Distillery Sheep Whey Vodkabottle94.49
Hendrick's Lunar Ginbottle94.49
Herno Old Tom Ginbottle93.99
HINE Cognac H by Hine VSOP Cognacbottle93.99
Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Oldbottle93.99
Paul John Editedbottle93.89
The London Distillery Co. Old Tom Ginbottle93.89
Two Accents Dry Ginbottle93.49
Crystal Head Vodkabottle92.99
Headlands Distilling Co. Tidal Lines Plum Ginbottle92.99
Brogan's Way Hearts Afire Ginbottle92.19
Macchu Pisco Piscobottle90.99
1800 Tequila Anejobottle89.99
Ardbeg Distillery Monsters Of Smoke Trio Packbottle89.99
Cantarelle Gin de Provencebottle89.99
Chase Distillery Rhubarb Vodkabottle89.99
Four Pillars Modern Australian Ginbottle89.99
Four Pillars Spice Trade Ginbottle89.99
Garden Grown Ginbottle89.99
Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year Old (Gift Boxed - 2022 Edition)bottle89.99
Klahn Barossa Shiraz Ginbottle89.99
Klahn Hemp Ginbottle89.99
Klahn London Dry Ginbottle89.99
Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky 1Lbottle89.99
Patient Wolf Distilling Co. Dry Gin & Summer Thyme Gift Packbottle89.99
Sesion Tequila Blancobottle89.99
The Glenlivet 12 Year Oldbottle89.99
The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Twin Glass Gift Packbox89.99
Antagonist Spirits The Distiller's Cutbottle88.99
Tanglin Orchid Ginbottle88.99
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskeybottle88.99
Goodradigbee Distillers Ironbark Red Single Malt Spiritbottle88.95
Brogan's Way Evening Light Ginbottle88.89
Peddlers Gin Co Shanghai Ginbottle88.00
Berry Bros. & Rudd Islay Blended Whiskybottle87.99
Nikka Black Specialbottle87.89
AC/DC Tequila Thunderstruck Blanco Tequilabottle86.99
Aviation American Ginbottle86.99
Brix Distillers Spiced Rumbottle86.99
Cardhu 12 Year Oldbottle86.99
Corazon Reposado Tequilabottle86.99
Mount Gay Black Barrel Rumbottle86.99
Tanglin Black Powder Ginbottle86.99
The Botanist Islay Dry Ginbottle86.99
Roots Marlborough Dry Ginbottle85.99
Goodradigbee Distillers Ironbark Yellow Single Malt Spiritbottle85.95
Koval Distillery Dry Ginbottle85.90
Bass & Flinders Cerise Ginbottle85.00
23rd Street Distillery Violet Ginbottle84.99
Casamigos Tequila Blanco Tequilabottle84.99
Glendalough Distillery Wild Botanical Ginbottle84.99
Maker's Mark 46bottle84.99
No.3 London Dry Ginbottle84.99
Poor Toms Gin Strawberry Ginbottle84.99
SevenZeroEight Classic Dry Ginbottle84.99
The Pisco People Vinas De Oro Pisco Acholadobottle84.99
Tiny Bear Distillery The Sailorbottle84.95
Antica Distilleria Quaglia Berto Ginbottle84.59
23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whisk(e)ybottle83.99
Avallen Calvadosbottle83.99
Boatrocker Jungle Ginbottle83.99
Centinela Reposadobottle83.99
Nosferatu Blood Orange Ginbottle83.99
Red Hen Classic Dry Ginbottle83.99
Santamania Madrid Dry Ginbottle83.99
23rd Street Distillery Signature Ginbottle82.99
Avosh Bottlebrush Honey Vodkabottle82.99
Herno x Four Pillars Botany Bay Ginbottle82.99
Husk Distillers Ink Ginbottle82.99
Karu Distillery Affinity Ginbottle82.99
Manly Spirits Co Distillery Lilly Pilly Pink Ginbottle82.99
The Gospel Solera Ryebottle82.99
Queensborough Dry Ginbottle82.89
Queensborough Omakase Ginbottle82.89
Patient Wolf Distilling Co. Summer Thyme Ginbottle82.69
Barsol Pisco Puro Quebrantabottle81.99
Eristoff Premium Vodka 1Lbottle81.99
Hennessy VS Cognacbottle81.99
Kurayoshi Matsui The Hakuto Ginbottle81.99
O'ndina Italian Ginbottle81.99
Saint James Royal Ambrebottle81.99
Scapegrace Black Dry Ginbottle81.99
Woodford Reserve Double Oakedbottle81.99
Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry Ginbottle81.89
Bombay Sapphire Dry Ginbottle81.39
1800 Tequila Reposadobottle80.99
Beach House Spiced Rumbottle80.99
Bowmore No. 1 Scotch Whiskybottle80.99
Glenglassaugh Revivalbottle80.99
Jameson Black Barrelbottle80.99
Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado 1Lbottle80.99
Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila 1Lbottle80.99
Archie Rose Distilling Co. Signature Dry Ginbottle80.00
23rd Street Distillery Riverland Rose Vodkabottle79.99
Agavero Tequila Liqueurbottle79.99
Australian Distilling Co Sydney Ginbottle79.99
Flowstate Brewers and Distillers Craft Ginbottle79.99
Glendalough Distillery Rose Ginbottle79.99
Glenmorangie The Tasting Set 4 x 100mLPack79.99
Grey Goose Essences White Peach & Rosemarybottle79.99
Hennessy VS Cognac 2020 End of Year Editionbottle79.99
Hennessy VS Very Special x Felipe Pantone Limited Editionbottle79.99
Jim Beam Small Batch 5 Year Oldbottle79.99
Native Australia Classic Ginbottle79.99
Native Australia Lilly Pilly Ginbottle79.99
Native Australia Saltbush & Lemon Myrtle Ginbottle79.99
Nikka Black Clear Blend Whiskybottle79.99
Nikka Hi Mild Blendedbottle79.99
Scapegrace Uncommon Dry Gin Central Otago Early Harvestbottle79.99
Sipsmith London Dry Ginbottle79.99
Suntory Kakubin Yellow Labelbottle79.99
Tempus Two Copper Prosecco Ginbottle79.99
Tempus Two Copper Shiraz Ginbottle79.99
Tenjaku Japanese Blended Whiskybottle79.99
Goodradigbee Distillers Single Malt Jarrahbottle79.95
Bondi Liquor Co Citrus Ginbottle78.99
Bondi Liquor Co Original Dry Ginbottle78.99
Green Fairy Absinthebottle78.99
Tiny Bear Distillery The Doctorbottle78.69
Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Ginbottle78.00
Bass & Flinders Maritime Ginbottle77.99
Black Tears Dry Spiced Rum by Vigia Cubanbottle77.99
Ciroc Vodkabottle77.99
Plymouth Gin Original Ginbottle77.99
Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Murcian Lemon Ginbottle76.99
George Dickel Superior No. 12 Tennessee Whiskybottle76.99
Manly Spirits Co Distillery Coastal Citrus Ginbottle76.99
Martin Miller's Ginbottle76.99
1800 Tequila Silverbottle75.99
Belvedere Pure Vodkabottle75.99
Dom Benedictine Liqueurbottle75.99
Flor de Cana 7 Year Old Rumbottle75.99
Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rumbottle75.99
The Singleton 12 Year Oldbottle75.99
The Singleton Spey Cascadebottle75.99
Bundaberg Rum Master Distillers Collection Small Batchbottle74.99
Glendalough Distillery Double Barrel Irish Whiskeybottle74.99
Hickson Rd. Australian Dry Ginbottle74.99
Jack Daniels Rye Whiskeybottle74.99
ROKU Ginbottle74.99
RUM Co. of Fiji Ratu 5 Year Old Dark Rumbottle74.99
RUM Co. of Fiji Ratu 8 Year Old Signature Rum Liqueurbottle74.99
Starward Two Foldbottle74.99
The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve Whiskybottle74.99
The Melbourne Gin Company Dry Ginbottle74.99
Australian Distilling Co Brisbane Ginbottle73.50
Australian Distilling Co Melbourne Ginbottle73.50
Arbikie AK's Ginbottle72.49
Never Never Distilling Co. Dark Series Ginache Ginbottle67.99

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And lastly, the most recent prices of alcoholic beverages in Australia are continually changing. By using this as a guide, you may calculate the approximate cost of buying various alcoholic beverages across the United States. Always compare prices to find the greatest deal on your favourite alcoholic beverages.