Latest Ballantine's Price in Delhi, Pune

Updated Price of Ballantine's Whiskey | दिल्ली, पुणे में आज के बैलेंटाइन व्हिस्की की कीमत

Pernod Ricard produces blended Scotch whisky under the Ballantine's name in Dumbarton, Scotland. There are fifty different single malts and four different grains that go into making Ballantine, each contributing to the whiskey's signature flavour. This includes fingerprint malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie. 

What is the current price of Ballantines?

The pricing point is very reasonable, considering the high quality of this scotch. If you're feeling parched, pour yourself a glass of this refreshing brew; it's sweet without being overly so, and the malt flavour is present in just the right amount. With its high quality and low price, it is perfect for regular use. Ballantine's blended Scotch whiskies are made by Pernod Records, which has its headquarters in Dumbarton. 50 different single malts and 4 different grains go into making Ballantine's, with special attention paid to the fingerprint malt created by Miltonduff and Glenberge. The company's products have won a number of awards and accolades over the years. Awards of various kinds have been given to the company's products.

Latest Ballantines Price

Ballantine’s Liquor PricePrice
Ballantine’s 30 year old blended whisky - 750 Ml₹3,890.00
Ballantine’s 12 year old blended whisky - 750 Ml₹2,800.00
Ballantine’s Signature Reserve - 750 Ml₹1,440.00
Ballantine’s Caskmates Stout Edition - 200 Ml₹480.00
Ballantine’s Finest Blended whisky - 50 Ml₹193.00

Different types of Ballantine's Whiskey include

  • Ballantine’s Finest blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s Limited blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s 12 year old blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s 12 year old Pure Malt whisky
  • Ballantine’s 17 year old blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s 21 year old blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s 30 year old blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s 40 year old blended whisky