Latest 1800 Tequila Liquor Price

1800 Tequila Liquor Price


Latest 1800 Tequila Liquor Price

The high-cost of 1800 Tequila is the first thing that stands out. That's some high-quality tequila that won't break the bank. But what exactly is it that would make you fall in love and want more? The silkiness of it.

1800 Tequila is double-distilled for an incredibly smooth taste. It's crisp, dry, and fruity with a touch of pepper. Because of this, the asking price is misleading. Tequila has been elevated to the status it deserves as a refined spirit with major happy hour appeal thanks to 1800.

BottleSizePrice (USD)
1800 Silver375 ml$18
1800 Silver750 ml$26
1800 Coconut750 ml$29
1800 Reposado750 ml$30
1800 Añejo750 ml$44
1800 Silver1750 ml$47
1800 Cristalino Añejo750 ml$61
1800 Milenio Extra Añejo750 ml$229
1800 Colección Extra Añejo750 ml$1,800

1800 Tequila is a premium spirit worthy of the most discriminating bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs. After all, as an aspiring mixologist, you'd like to impress your friends with some tequila cocktails, but you don't want to break the bank doing so.

If you consider yourself a tequila expert, you may also want to try some of the brand's ultra-premium bottles, such as the 1800 Milenio Extra Aejo or the exceptionally smooth 1800 Colección Extra Aejo.

1800 Tequila, distilled and bottled in accordance with a recipe that dates back 200 years, is a distillation of Mexican heritage and history. Even though it's priced in the middle of the tequila spectrum, you won't find anything average about it.