Latest DELEN® Tequila Liquor Price

DELEN® Tequila Latest Alcohol Price

Latest DELEN® Tequila Liquor Price

In 2009, DELEN® Tequila was introduced to affluent consumers in the entertainment and music industries of the United States. In 2014, the brand was acquired by a partnership between Sean Combs, a business mogul and international symbol of style, and Diageo, the largest spirits firm in the world.

Although it has been around since 2009, DeLeón is still relatively new to the business world. Nonetheless, it has joined the ranks of other high-end tequilas like Patron, Jose Cuervo, and Casamigos in being branded as a luxury product. The handmade glass bottles are entirely crafted from sterling silver, and include a hand-carved letter 'D' as the company's emblem.

TypeSizeAverage Price
DeLeón Leóna750ml$649.99 – $699.99
DeLeón Reposado750ml$39.99 – $69.99
DeLeón Extra Anejo750ml$329.99 – $359.99
DeLeón Diamante750ml$129.99 – $159.99
DeLeón Platinum750ml$649.99 – $699.99

DeLeón® Tequila is produced from only the highest quality, 100% Highland Blue Weber agave grown in the fertile soil of Jalisco's Los Altos region. With only two distillations, DeLeón® tequila achieves an incredible depth of taste while retaining the distinctive character gained during fermentation.

In terms of quality and sophistication, DeLeon Anejo is unrivaled. They use both American and French oak barrels to give this tequila a smooth, balanced flavor. Because it is made entirely of highland blue agave, its sweet pinas give it a rich, smooth flavor.