Fiat Punto - Ramkay Motors - Issues

I am a proud owner of a fiat punto, brought a so called a new vehicle from Ramkay Motors chennai on 15th Dec 2014 ( my kids birthday). I was informed that the vehicle was from the last batch of punto before the punto evo came out and hence the discount was attractive, however it had its problem and issues
I came to know that the vehicle was manufactured in Jan`2014 only while signing the form 20. I was told it was from june/July 2014.

Below are the issues which I have faced after buying a new car on (15th Dec’14).

Issues Faced

Issues Status Deadline
Interior is not clean as the seats looks dusty and not tidy, also the plastic cover was removed Fixed N/A
Exterior not clean, scratch marks visible near the door handle and other places Fixed N/A
Air bag beading broken Fixed N/A
Front AC Duck broken Fixed N/A
Instrument panel glass damaged Fixed N/A
Glow box not closing properly Fixed N/A
Vehicle cover damaged Fixed N/A
Driver seat backside damaged Open No ETA

Though most of the item was fixed. The seat replacement is becoming a challenge. I was given a month for getting the seat replaced, however there is no positive response after repeated follow up from my end.

It's with pain I am driving my new punto due to all these issues. It's no way a happy motoring.