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Your body fat percentage is 41 %.

You have 29 kg of body fat.
For your body measurements in order to lose 1% body fat, you must burn at least 5390 calories.
Refer to the chart below for a better understanding of your body status with regard to its fat content.
Body Fat % Women Men
Unhealthy <14 <6
Athletic body 14-20 6-13
Fit 21-24 14-17
Average 25-31 18-24
Obese >32 >25
Unhealthy : You may think having very less fat is good, but you are wrong.

Some amount of fat is essential for survival as it is the main source of stored energy in the body.Fat also acts like an insulator and helps to regulate body temperature and can act as a cushion or shock absorber for organs. We advise you to increase the fat content in your food but at the same time undertake an exercise routine so that the fat content remains optimum for your height and weight. This strategy would ensure a healthy and a fit body type.

Athletic body : Having less fat is good, but you should also have good power and endurance to stay fit. Make sure your calorie intake is as per the exercise requirement. This would ensure a healthy and a fit body type.

Fit : At present you are healthy and fit and we suggest that you continue to do exercises and maintain your body type.

Average : Your fat percentage is slightly more than the ideal range. Undertake a daily exercise routine and you will have a perfect body type.

Obese : You have very high amount of fat in your body. Obesity leads to many diseases like heart attack. It is highly recommended that you lose your body fat to be healthy.
Note: It is recommended that a physician be consulted for advice in event of any doubts or need for therapy.