Digital India 100Gbps OFC link

100Gbps OFC Link as part of Digital India Programme Launched.

Keeping in view the ever increasing demand for superior bandwidth, high speed and power efficiency in the fiercely competitive market scenario, C-DOT’s Suteevra is poised to play a significant role. In this fast moving digital world where it is hard to find PC port of less than 1GbE speed, Suteevra carries valuable significance in creating enabling infrastructure for providing high-speed user experience anytime, anywhere. The solution is capable of serving multiple applications and protocols ranging from the Data, Storage, TDM, ATM and Video networks. Suteevra is a versatile mini 100G OTN (Optical Transport Network) platform based on the latest standards offering the ease of being deployed in both Greenfield networks and existing OTN(Optical Transport Network) environments. Capable of supporting a distance of upto 50 Km without an amplifier, its uniquely designed system and management interfaces with clearly defined performance monitoring features make it ideally suited to the current market trends.

  • C-DOT’s Suteevra displays superior bandwidth, high speed and power efficiency
  • It creates enabling infrastructure for providing high speed user experience anytime and anywhere
  • This solution can serve numerous protocols and applications such as Data, Storage, TDM, ATM and Video networks. 
  • It is a versatile 100G OTN platform based on latest technology which can be adopted in greenfield networks as well as existing OTN environments
  • It can support a distance of close to 50 km in the absence of an amplifier
  • It is ideally suited to market trends