Digital India - Long Distance WiFi

Long Distance Wi-Fi System:

As part of the Digital India Initiative, C-DOT  has rolled out Long Distance WiFi solution

C-DOT’s Long Distance WiFi Solution is an all-encompassing, versatile wireless platform that is capable of extending WiFi & IP connectivity to the remote and inhospitable terrains of India in a cost-effective and power-efficient manner. The product is capable of providing 100Mbps broadband speed to users of distant locations. C-DOT’s Long Distance WiFi differentiates itself with the following unique attributes as wireless connectivity:

Direct Optical Fibre at WAN interface, which enables high speed connectivity with consistent bandwidth.

Mesh technology, which makes connectivity possible even where direct Line of Sight (LoS)is not present. This shall prove effective in its deployment to NE India where connectivity and hilly terrain remains a challenge.

Support to link redundancy in case of failure of one radio/link.

This technology is backed by robust operations, management  & maintenance software 

Provisioned with a solar powered green energy source, this solution can utilize enabling the seamless WiFi access over long distances in an efficacious manner.

The long distance WiFi system is capable of extending WiFi and IP connectivity to the remote parts of India in a cost-effective and power-efficient manner, and is capable of providing 100 Mbps broadband speed, said C-DOT.