Email Subscription 

I personal believe subscribing to my favorite sites and authors helps me to keep myself updated on the latest happening.  There are millions of articles in the internet and on a personal front I have around 80-90 sites and on an average there would be around 2-3 articles published every day which adds up to 200 articles in a day and glancing through the website would be tedious task.

Email subscription help me to glance through the articles and read the articles which I am really interested in reading and I believe me it help us to focus on the right articles by not getting distracted.

GOVTEMPDAIRY is a really good site to keep you updated for any government related stuff.

Success of receiving email on your mailbox is related with the way you subscribe to email.  Most of us are in an understanding that filling your email address is enough to get the emails from your favorite sites.  However there are a few more steps before getting the email subscription activated.

Lets start googling the site and this is how it looks as below

Once into the website, look for a attractive email address box which is for email subscription something as below.

enter your email address into the specified field and you will be presented with the below screen.

Please pay extra care while entering the robo text in the specified field as below
Once you enter the robot text and click on "Complete Subscription Request"

Now reach to your email and watch out for the email from feedburner (as below)

Make sure you watch your "Spam" folder in your email to make sure it's not been categorized and moved into the folder.

Below is the content of the email from FeedBurner

Watch closely on the email activation link and click on the same

Then the final step, your subscription is completed.

Now, keep watching your email for reading your interesting articles across all platform.