Facebook Likes - Not getting enough likes on Facebook

Let's be honest, people is not just waiting for your post/updates/status to click on the like button in Facebook.

There are million feeds and a percentage is shared and liked, so there are plenty of opportunity where the best articles does not have enough Facebook like.

Researchers have found that the opportunity of getting more likes is at a particular time interval.

On weekdays during working hours, and then again between 7 pm and 8 pm, suggests the study.

Interesting right, working hours in weekday, let's be honest I cannot be looking at outlook, word, excel, PowerPoint, coding screen or the so called beauty Queens.

I need a break and I do browse Facebook while working.

Little more focus on the timing 7 to 8 pm..... Did something click..... Yes the serial time.... People are attached to their LED, LCD, CRT, Amma TV and we do facebooking....

Hats off to the guys who got the timing, I cannot diagree

Now the numbers used for this study

On Facebook it takes up to two hours for the first half of the responses to come in; on Twitter, however, most responses come within half an hour. 

The researchers then took their data set, which held timestamps from a huge number of posts (144 million, to be precise) and reactions (1.1 billion) over a 120-day period, and analyzed it using Klout.