How to find out your Drinking Limit?

What's your Drinking Limit?

I must admit I have a high level of self confidence on me and it's hard for someone to make me believe that i am overly drunk, it's difficult.

Firstly I don't advise people to drink and if you drink I don't advise people to ride/drive after drinking.

This article is just to make sure you don't overdo at home after drinking, with mom (or) wife (or) girlfriend (or) neighbors (or) landlord

So how do you find out your are off the limit or just to the limits.

  • Is it by the number of rounds?
  • Is it by the way you talk?
  • Is it by the way your co drinker react?
  • Is it by your self confidence?

All the above can be a way to measure, however there are different factors which makes the limit to change. One important or active part of your body will be the same whatever the situation and has direct correlation the way you behave/act under influence of alcohol.

Mind, is the tool which will tell you precisely whether you are in limits or off limits.  I know we cannot have a psychologist telling when when we drink, but there are other ways to.

Trust me it's there

Optical Illusion Images help you to determine your states.... Download the app


which had the collection of image which makes your head spin around and as big the velocity of the spin is directly proportionate to your off limit levels.

What happens after that... I cannot figure out as again where you decide to go after you understand that off limits will show the level of impact next day.

So, I know you don't care what I advice as it's your born rights.... But keep using the apps to measure your limits.

All the best.

Drinking is injurious to health and drinking and riding/driving may (or) will cause risk to you and others.