National Career Service (a.k.a India Government free and own

Government of India is directly entering competition with,,, and other top job search website.  Government of India and Ministry of Labour & Employment has launched a National Career Service ( portal to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth and facilitate registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc.

The portal should provide job matching services in a highly transparent and user friendly manner. These facilities along with career counselling content will be delivered by the portal through multiple channels like career centers, mobile devices, CSCs, etc.

High-level Portal Overview

You can see a 360 view of the supply and demand method wherein the job seekers update the profile and employers add their demand.  In middle we have core teams working to match the requirement and meet the demand by adding the required training to the job seekers. 

ECO System of NCS Portal (a.k.a Government own

NCS is mission is to create avenues/opportunities for all the ecosystem partners (i.e. State, Government Requirement, Public and Private companies) through the core modular, fully integrated and automated portal.

Workflow and Site Navigation (NCS)

Given below is the diagrammatical representation on how the flow happens in National Career Service portal and their workflow.  The artifacts are self-explanatory.

How does the Home screen of NCS (National Career Service) look like?

I am sure people will try to create the opportunity to create some kind of similar website though they may not get the domain but by mistake people can still be distracted.  Given below the artifacts on the home screen of NCS

Who are the users who would be using the NCS Portal?

There are quite a few people who would be connecting to NCS portal and will be interacting with each other.

How to register in NCS Portal as Job Seeker and their Advantage?

Anyone can register in National Career Service portal (Fresher/Experienced/Student/Local Service Providers)

Activities in NCS Portal as Job Seeker
  • Online / Offline Registration
  • Skills / Jobs in demand guidance
  • Assistance in selecting a career (especially for freshers) / job switch
  • Search and apply for jobs, job fairs, training programs, career exhibitions
  • Contact Local Service Provider
  • Email / SMS Notifications

NCS Artifacts on How to register and how it will look like?

Aadhaar Number/Card is a need of the hour to get the full advantage of National Career Service 

How to search for Jobs in National Career Service (NCS)?

You can search using the below criteria as any other top most job search websites.

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Work Experience in years
  • Expected Salary
  • Job Nature
  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Shift Timing

How all these above are interconnect and linked to work for you in National Career Service (NCS)?

As you can see the major plan is to integrate everything into one site which is NCS (National Career Service) and the State Government and Examination Bodies along with Industry association will merge and create a skill full India, wherein there would be right demand and supply balance and will benefit the youngsters to get the job.

This is created from the model in UK wherein they already have a similar website, artifacts provided below.  Though it’s inspired from them, I am happy our country is moving in the right directions.

Article created using inputs from Google, NCS and my thoughts.