Report & Find Missing children - Track, Report and Retrieve

Indian Government has created a website as part of digital India initiative and this time for a noble cause. 

In India around 70,000 children go missing every year as per the figures from the National Crime Records Bureau. Only 73,597 children have been traced between January 2012 and April 2015

The website is (website name translated in English means "lost and found".

What is expected out of it?

As a responsible citizen we should help the law enforcement agencies to track the crime and maintain Law & Order in our country. If you have spotted or have a doubt about a child whom you see in your day to day schedule, you just need to login into the website and report the same.

This will enable the respective department to track down the missing children and unite them with their parents.

What to do?

First, if any of the children is missing a FIR should be registered at the earliest in the nearest police station with all the available information.

Login to the website and register with all the details, it is a must to upload a VALID ID Proof to make your registration valid.

If the ID proof is invalid, the ID would be deactivated.

  • Registration is a must for all the users.

  • Report Missing Child

  • Report a Sighted Child who is been lost

  • Search for a missing Child

Website Artifacts below.

You will be able to login using your registered mobile number with a OTP (One Time Password)