Using Fork and Knife

Eating utensil etiquette

I most of the time get amazed with people following the fork and knife positions on a meal and how do they pay attention to this than enjoying the food.

Again it's based on the culture, I grow up enjoying the food by hand. Honestly that keep the bounding between nature and human, anyways there would be lot of statements on it and would stop now.

So what are the actual position which should be followed while playing with fork and knife (while it stays in the plate)
Attached is the image from Google. I was on a dinner party and we did invent a new position called "Parked" or "
temporarily parked". 

It was really funny the way it looks but wise people may have different thoughts as well (men will be always men).

So, hope google and the people forming the etiquettes will add these posture as well.