Your Data Pack can be looted!!!!

You can be looted.... Yes your data pack can be looted.

The below scenario is only imaginary and I am not responsible for any coincidence.

looting data pack
We all have data pack with the mobile service provider like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Reliance, etc. and we usually use it for surfing, browsing, whatsapping and facebooking.

Application like WhatsApp does not allow us to use the application if it’s not updated when the latest version is released.

Before continue reading, please ask this question

  • Do you update application from Android/Apple Market Regularly?
  • Do you update these applications through your data pack?
  • Do you read the reasons for updates?
  • Do you know how much bandwidth has been consumed for updating the application?

If you have not thought about these questions, then it’s time to think and act.

So how is your data pack can be looted?

Imagine the below scenario where if Apps developers has an understanding with the service provider wherein there could be an agreement on profit sharing of the data usage caused due to apps upgrade.

Current apps can read how we use the device including service provider, apps update pattern, etc.

Once the apps have all the information, Apps developer can work with service provider with the data usage which will cause due to the upgrade.

Initially I never used to read the update log but after thinking about it, I never forget to read it.  Again if you read as well these are generic statements like Bug fix. Apps stability, etc and it’s really difficult to authenticate the claims.

So we have very less control over it, however we can be choosy in selecting the application which needs to be updated.

Think if WhatsApp decided to update the application without even increasing the size, consider if we have application “xyz” which size is 10mb and it has been download by 10,000 users.

“xyz” application has been provided access to collate information about your carrier and also it learn the way the application users update the application.

Below table shows a basic calculation on an application upgrade.

So, I believe this should have given some in site on how it can work if Apps Developer and Service provider decide to do and frankly speaking no one can do anything on it.

How to save or reduce data pack usage, choose the application wisely and which is really important to update.
Source: Imagination and google images