Google Young Scientists 2015

Google is conducting Google Science Fair and it has announced the finalists on Tuesday, with projects from all over the world covering a wide variety of fields. These projects are designed by scientists under 18 years old.

You can look at top and final 20 projects at the Google Science Fair website.

Finals will be held on 21st Sep'2015.

The Judges for this program include Dr.Adam Ruthford, Loretta Whitesides, Dr.John Sotos, you can read more about them in official link.

India's Sripada Srisai Lalita Prasida, age 13  came up with ways to reuse waste products to help the environment. Prasida proposes using dried corn cobs and derivatives (cast off by the millions during processing) to absorb industrial waste before it reaches waterways. To read more about the project, click here

There are also 2 other Indian Origin young scientists in the final.

We wish all the very best and salute their efforts in making this world a sustainable place to live.

We also thank their teachers, mentors, parents & friends for the support provided to them.