How to Uninstall Windows 10 – Latest update as on 01st August 2015

How to Uninstall Windows 10 – Latest update as on 01st August 2015

As most of the enjoying the Windows 10 with the new features and options, however we do have a large number of crowd that who wish to uninstall due to the perception and the behavior habits of the Operating System of Windows 10.

Though Windows 10 have all the good features and trying to make user UI experience seamless between Tablet + Phone + PC but still there are challenges which they have been carrying forward from Windows 8.1.

They are back with the traditional Start button which was missing in Windows 8 and later added as an option in the future released.

The key performance improvement is based on the EDGE browser which is replacing the legacy Internet Explorer, we all know Bill Gates will have a very had feeling in this decision and it was the IE which made the Netscape and other browsers run for the money and established Windows OS as the leading and front running operating system.

Ok, if you decide to Uninstall or go back to previous version of Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a Reset option that allows you either remove everything and start afresh or to actually keep your files while removing programs and settings for accessing this feature, go to or click on

Start Menu>Settings>Update and Security>Recovery.

This section actually gives you a number of useful tools, including the ability to roll back to your previous version of Windows, or to restore Windows from a system image.

By clicking on Reset this PC gives you two options – remove everything or keep your files so if you want to perform a clean install you’ll want to remove everything.

This is easier than doing it manually with your own media (as shown below), but it’s worth noting that this will remove the option be able to roll back to your previous version of Windows

A good move by Microsoft as it gives you the option to wipe your hard disk. This writes over deleted files that may actually be recoverable, even though you can no longer access them. This takes a while, though, so if you just want to reinstall, hit the ‘Just remove my files’ button.

Hope this article was informative.