PM Modi Speech in a gist - START UP INDIA, STAND UP INDIA

This year Independence Day Speech could be the longest one by duration from that podium. PM Modi did sweat it out while delivering his speech without any tiredness. His habit, discipline and yoga should be the secret.

The speech has been Classified into 11 pointers which was extracted from "Narendra Modi" mobile application.

NAmo did speak about electrifying the 18,500 villages in next 1000 days.  Modi is smart in quoting the deadline in days, rather than years. It will take close to 3 years to get this project completed.

I am especially interested in START UP INDIA, STAND UP INDIA, it's a very strong statement to drive entrepreneurs in the country by helping to boost "Made In India".

Choices of words and targets have been very wisely chosen to make people listen.

I must agree things have changed but at what magnitude is not clear.

Jai Hind.

Image Courtesy: Narendra Modi Apps