Digital India - National Career Service - Way forward

Current state of National Career Service Portal and the
way forward. 

This article also list the future plans and watch out for a detailed review on how this shape-up in the coming months.

a) All registrations are Aadhaar based, with national portability.

b) Data for over 2 crore job seekers registered with state employment exchanges are on the NCS portal. They can activate their accounts using Aadhaar.

c) Over 9 lakh establishments having Labour Identification Number (LIN) are on the NCS portal and they can post their vacancies.

d) All 978 employment exchanges have been given user IDs and passwords for activating their accounts.

e) States have been requested to publicize usage of the of the NCS portal for posting vacancies and job matching.

f) Several states (Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Telangana) having employment exchange data in a database have integrated with the NCS portal. Remaining states having manual systems can directly log on for new registrations.

g) Information on courses of over 11,000 ITIs and 12,000 VTPs is available.

h) Over 14 lakh students from Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and 11 lakh from Vocational Training Providers are linked to the NCS. These candidates have been invited to join the NCS through SMS to activate their accounts.

Government of India and ministry of labour have huge plans for this project in the coming months and few are listed below.

a) Integration with CBSE database for verification of candidate academic performance.

b) Integration with PAN/TAN database for authentication of employers.

c) Capacity building of Career Centre (Employment Exchange) officers.

d) Development of assessment tools for aptitude and interest assessment for the candidates.

e) Series of workshops to engage with industry, industry associations, Governmental departments and undertakings for posting vacancies.