Pencil vs Apple Pencil

Pencil vs Apple Pencil

Alright I know that comparison will not work, however lets see how it stands out

  • Pencil is our second tool which we got exposed in our childhood days, for expressing it in a solid way. (Comment what was our first tool)
  • The usage of it stunning as you would see the results immediately and the happiness was evident. 
  • We were thought to correct our mistakes which make our handwriting clear to read.
  • It use to last for sometime and we change it as per our preference
  • Pencil could be used on any solid surface apart from few exceptions.
  • Very cheap.

Apple Pencil

  • Amazing invention from Apple 
  • Cost you $100
  • Can be used on Apple devices (as of now)
  • Could last long but you need to charge it
  • It adapts to your pressure, move, angle and what not.

I used a keypad to type this article