11pets: Pet care - a complete tool for every pet owner

Youth Apps - 11pets: Pet care - a complete tool for every pet owner

Pet care at your fingertips, everything you need for caring your pet in one single application

11Pets provide everything that is important for caring for your pet organized in one application. 11pets offers reminders for everything that needs to be taken care of your pets, organization of your pet’s medical data, and follow-up of medical incidents. It helps care of our pets in a consistent and efficient way with one simple target, to make the life of our pets better.

11pets apps is one of its kind android apps and it’s a vital application for pet lovers.  11pet care has already been installed by 100+ users and has an average rating of 5.0 in Google Play Stores.
 11pets app

11pets can be installed on any android device which is running Android version 4.0.3 and above.  11 pets occupies 9.88 MB of storage on your device and cannot be moved to SD card on a non-rooted device.
The application takes care of many things that matter for your pets.
  • Reminds you whenever a medication needs to be administered
  • Keeps the schedule for vaccinations, de-wormings, baths and other important tasks and notifies you appropriately
  • Manages the complete medical history of your pets including x-rays, lab results, blood tests and many more
  • Makes the medical history always available and accessible at a click of a button
  • Keeps vital metrics like weight and temperature
  • Offers specialized functionality for follow up of symptoms and monitoring them evolve over time using photos and notes
  • Provides a per-pet gallery so that you can remember your pet’s most valuable moments
  • Keeps the information of all the professionals that treat your pet
  • Create secure backups of your data on our cloud.

A complete medical record of our pet, either a dog, cat, rabbit or any other species is crucial for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. This is especially true nowadays that our pets typically have more than one vets.

When cats and dogs present a condition, monitoring it is crucial for their health. Presenting to the vet the evolution of the symptom is a great diagnostic tool. 11pets offers special functionality for the follow up of any symptom using photographs and notes.