ONE Rewardz - an integrated mobile platform helping brands engage with their customers 24x7

ONE Rewardz - A global loyalty programme

ONE Rewardz is a customer engagement solution that has set out to change the face of customer loyalty programs in India!

As an aggregated rewards network, ONE Rewardz enables a 24X7 connectivity between brands and its consumers while leveraging social media and customer preferences for targeted marketing.

Loyalty programs are always attached to a company or a group and using their know systems. In the recent times mobile numbers are attached to your loyalty point, however it’s not been synchronized across all platforms.  With ONE Rewardz, we believe all these issues would be sorted out with a single platform which is intelligent towards consumer and business.  It can deliver person specific offers through the data it collects.

ONE Rewardz has already been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating of 4.1 in Google Play Store.
 ONE Rewardz Apps

ONE Rewardz occupies 28.92 MB on your device and can be moved to SD card. ONE Rewardz can be installed any android device running 4.1 and above

ONE Rewardz maps the entire lifestyle of a consumer by aggregating rewards and interactions across all brands from F&B, retail and entertainment sector. Real-time analytics allow brands to access transactional and feedback driven intelligence along with access to consumer-facing platform that leverages social media and geo-fencing triggers besides facilitating cross-branded offers.

ONE Rewardz is a universal loyalty program which keeps track of all your reward points and lets you avail awesome discounts through a cool mobile app.

ONE app finds the most happening places around you and gets you the best deals. It keeps you updated about the latest offers at your favorite hangout places and lets you provide feedback and recommendations.

As an all-in-one customer loyalty app, ONE app saves you the hassle of carrying multiple loyalty cards or boring punch cards. ONE App holds all your reward points from your most visited places and lets you redeem in an instant. 

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