Youth Apps - AmpMe - Be the Speakers

AmpMe - Sync your phone with friends to create the world's most portable sound system.

AmpMe is a wonderful apps which help to sync your phone music with other devices including your portable sound systems. If it's all planned and organised well, you can host a concert using this apps alone by synchronizing the music background tracks on the mobile and the perform/signer can explode from the stage.  Samsung had a similar application, however it was limited to it own devices.

AmpMe has already been used 100,000+ users and has an average rating of 4.1 on google play.  You would need an android device with a minimum OS requirement of 4.1 or up

We have given the storage usage of AmpMe on an android phone(*) the size may vary based on the android version and other setting.

Surround yourself with sound. AmpMe creates a giant, multi-speaker setup using just the phone in your pocket. Play your music in perfect sync across multiple devices to create one powerful sound system. Bring the party anywhere. Be the speakers.

- Put AmpMe on your phone and on as many of your friends' devices as you want, then sync and you're ready to party
- Host your own party or join a friend's
- The host can search for their favorite songs, artists, albums, or playlists
- Once the host hits "Play", friends join by entering the party code
- Syncing starts automatically and, in seconds, your friends become speakers
- Compatible with smartphones & tablets (Android and iOS) and bluetooth speakers (with a microphone, e.g. Jambox, etc.)

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