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CityBump, Apps which provides the Deals Around You

CityBump provides you with all the deals around you.  CityBump uses your location to send you real-time promotions from your favourite places and also you will be able to pick your favourite Categories and Brands so you never miss out again.

Also, it has unique QR code recognition which help you to scan at the outlet to avail discount.

CityBump has been installed by 5000+ users and has an average rating of 4.2 
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Explore your city! Restaurants & Bars,Shopping to Entertainment, we've got the best deals for you. Find all your favorite Brands, and never miss out on an event, sale, or discount again.Get the latest news & promotions - Know Whats Hot, and Whats Not, Right Now, Right Here !

Whenever you want, Wherever you want - CityBump alerts you when something Special is happening. Simply show the code when paying and receive your exclusive CityBump promotion.

Finding a fun place on a Friday night ? Need to shop but don’t know where ? Planning a family trip or a Business Lunch ?

CityBump tells you whats happening in your locality and gives you exclusive deals as well. We want you to never miss out – so PERSONALIZE the app to always stay connected with your favorite destinations and brands.

So what are you waiting for – Keep Bumping, Keep Saving.