Youth Apps - HASH - a revolutionary tagging app

HASH - a revolutionary tagging app

Welcome to HASH, a revolutionary app that connects you to people you may need, for play or for business; to possibilities and opportunities that you didn't know exist within your hyper-local space.

HASH idea is unique using the existing tagging methods in different social networking apps. HASH should use some kind of #tag matching as people could use different string for a same request.

HASH has already been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating of 4.7 in Google Play Store.
 HASH Apps

HASH can be installed on any android device running version 4.0.3 and above.  HASH occupies 35.61mb of your storage and cannot be moved to SD card on a non-rooted device.

Here’s a thing to chew on:  are your social platforms connecting you to new people or just those in your circles?

Here’s how it works:

# Create your own hashtags to start conversations with people around you in real-time, from anything to everything that interests you
# Get to know of various discounts and offers tendered by local services within the six-kilometer radius around you.
# Break the ice with that girl or boy you are looking at from the corner of your eye

Let’s say you’re to heading out for drinks in a new city, but not sure which pub offers the best deal in that area. Simply log in to Hash and get real-time reviews from people at the pub!

And what if you need help on a college project, just create a hashtag asking people on your campus help you out using Hash.

Say you want to share a taxi from a railway station, create a hashtag, e.g. #ShareTaxiToXYZ and let passengers help themselves by joining you in the cab.

Using hashtags we provide a platform for categorized local communication, with a huge potential use case!