Youth Apps: Jugnoo Autos - Rickshaw on tap

Jungoo purely an Auto Rickshaw apps where you can Click, Choose & Ride 

Jugnoo, a phenomenon that has changed the way people choose to travel. Despite the availability of numerous modes of luxurious transport options, people in India prefer commuting through local means. This is what triggered the need for Jugnoo to introduce this feasible model of daily commuting via Autos, thus making it more easy and reliable.

Jugnoo offers reliable, yet affordable auto rides. Click for an auto and reach your destination in no time. We assure your convenience!

Jugnoo has been installed by 500,000+ users and has an average rating of 4.1 in Google Play Store. 
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Jugnoo consumes around 17mb of RAM while running.

Jugnoo gives you the freedom of traveling stress-free. Jugnoo Autos allows you to book on-demand, affordable and safe rides, without the hassles of getting overcharged. Simply tap and a certified Jugnoo driver reaches your desired location in minutes.

How Jugnoo works:

1. GPS detects your current location.
2. Tap the auto button in the centre and we ping the nearby Jugnoos.
3. One of the Jugnoo accepts the request and starts your way.
4. Get instant confirmation with driver details.
5. Track the Jugnoo coming your way on the map or call him directly.
6. Carry the meter with you and pay according to distance travelled on completion of the ride.

Jugnoo is changing the way people perceive Autos. Transform the way you travel. Jugnoo drivers are professionally trained and autos go under stringent quality checks.

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