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Memilog - Diary/Journal

Happy ones, sad ones, exhilarating ones and ones that will generate a landslide of nostalgia. With the onslaught of social media into our lives, precious little has been left to us as personal.

Social networking has been keeping us busy and creates a thirst to sharing something about our self at regular intervals.  The practice has made us virtual impossible to keep something personal to us, however Memilog is an effort to keep things personal to me and only to me, If I wish to share I will. 
Memilog Apps

Memilog has already been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating of 4.5 in Google Play Store.  Memilog can be installed by users you are running Android version 4 and above
Memilog aims to create a safe haven online for those who wish to store their memories away from the prying eyes of the world. Everything entered into the site by the user will be visible to him/her only. Moreover, with multimedia add-ons, we hope each memory stored is as vibrant as when it was created.

Of course, we have our diaries and our souvenirs from times gone by. But the threat of physical decay or loss of these mediums is an ever present threat. Thus, the core concept of Memilog, as an online journal was born.

Memories are too precious to be worn out or fade away. We bring you the Memilog for your mobiles to keep those memories intact for years to come and add new memories as they come. With features to list and categories your memories, add locations and music to those times well spent.

Top Features:

- User friendly interface.
- Add multiple numbers of pictures, locations, movies, books, music to your memories.
- Stay organised by categorising your memories into Lists and adds your own choice of memories according to your memories.
- Memory lane helps relive the unforgettable memories in a personalised timeline.
- Memory search helps look for your memories with given keywords.
- Safety backup of your data which is available in any accessible devices.
- Browse memories in no time giving the month and year you wish to relive.
- Every memory is private and safe.
- Absolutely no Ads.

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