Youth Apps - Moodil - Nature sounds (Updated)

Moodil - Nature sounds on your command

I don’t want to add anything about the apps, listening to it makes you feel so good. Please install Moodil, though it’s going to cost you but its worth.  If people feel what’s great about it, they will understand when you can listen to the sound which you like to too on your wish.  Try it out on Moodil website.

Moodil has been installed by 100+ users and have an average rating of 5 on Google Play Store. Moodil cost 73.31 in India Rupees. Moodil can be installed on any Android devices running 4.0 and up.
 Play Store

Moodil topped the newest most sold apps chart in Google Play store, it shows how the apps has been welcomed by people.

Say goodbye to stress by listening to nature's relaxing sounds.

With Moodil you can listen to the high quality sounds of the nature. Make up your favourite mixes and save them for later use.

Moodil is for everyone and it's extremely easy to use.

Moodil will help you:
- Work
- Study
- Concentrate
- Be more efficient
- Relieve stress
- Relax
- Sleep