Youth Apps – MyPoolin - (A Dutch app) Plan and Pay with Friends

MyPoolin is your place to plan and pay money with friends in the most awesome and seamless manner possible.

MyPoolin address the practical difficult of many Indians when it comes to dutch, I remember we used to go out for a tour or for planning a party we were very choosey in the way how other contribute and with MyPoolin we have multiple option to contribute.  This is a great start and no wonder we have more than 5000+ install and also a very high average rating of 4.7 in Play store.

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Whether it is for movies, events, gifting, food & dining, travel, party or anything, share a plan with friends and discuss who is in, who is out, what to gift, what to order, where to travel - anything!
Then, MyPoolin makes group payments super easy and hassle-free killing uncomfortable “You Owe Me” situations that arise when one person pays and chases others for their share as now you can pool money with friends for anything in less than 5 minutes!

Download MyPoolin and experience pooling as easy as 1-2-3

1) Create a Pool with friends in few seconds

2) Chat with them and pay your share

3) Get collected amount as cash code of our partner sites or in your bank account

Cool part is - Your share is kept safe with the payment partners of MyPoolin such as PayU, Mobikwik & others till everyone pays! Anyone in the pool can pay using mobile wallets or any debit, credit card and net banking and all your friends don’t need to have the same mobile wallets as well. If the pool is cancelled by you, your money gets refunded instantly to your wallet or within 3-4 working days into your bank account.

(MyPoolin is a cool social payments app that doesn’t hold users’ money but just links and coordinates with mobile wallets such as Mobikwik and different payment gateways)

Once the amount is collected, Pool Organizer (the person who started the pool) can redeem the collected amount with a cash code on our Partner merchant sites or the collected amount can be taken out into the Organizer's bank account.

**Features of MyPoolin**
- Social feeds of trending public pools and your friends’ pools

- Recommendations - Awesome ideas (events, movies, gifts and trips) to share with friends with a tap and pool for

- Chat with friends about any idea you are pooling for

- Toggle to set your status - Confirm or Decline a plan

- Link wallets such as Mobikwik with your account

Now there’s nothing in the way for you and your friends to get irritated with.
Spend more time doing things rather than dilly-dallying