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NearGroup - Chat with Neighbors 

Chat with Neighbors for building a Better Neighborhood, Meet Like-minded People Living Nearby for Support.  NearGroup is currently ONLY for Delhi NCR Residents!

NearGroup has already been installed by 5000+ users and has an average rating of 4.3 in google play store. (a Free Mobile App) is a Brand new way to meet your Colony Residents

Discover Nearby People interested in:

 PlayStore#Utility: Local Advice, Carpool, Flatmate, Parenting, Colony Security
#Fitness: Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Gym, Yoga, Meditation
#Sports: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Golf, Tennis
#Work: Startups, Job-Openings, Professionals, Coders, Networking, Entrance Exam
#Hangout: Movies, Bars, Clubs, Books, Travel, Food, Dance, Music, Video-Game
#Social Work: Food Donation, Teach Needy Kids, Green India, Volunteer Together Nearby

Join Near Group now! Even though we are connected with many people across India. Yet most of us don't know our neighbours, who can actually help us in needful-times.

Privacy & Security:
- We verify each users Facebook, and then only allow them to use NearGroup
- No contact number shared
- Only Group-Chat, No Personal-Chat
- Interact only with few people within 3 Km radius
- No outsiders will be able to contact or view your profile