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Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone a simplest concept, but has huge potentially across corporates. If you work in a big corporate environment, you always have lunch with the same people in your department. And when they’re not around, you end up eating in front of your computer, like hundreds or thousands of others in your company. Never Eat Alone puts an end to this and to do that you would need to have this apps installed "Never Eat Alone".

Though it’s going to take time for getting implemented in India, the idea could be the perfect solution for improving employee engagement and better connect between teams.

Never Eat Alone has been installed by 50+ users and has an average rating of 2.7 in Google Play Store. Apps can be installed on any device running Android version 4.0 and above.
 Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone reached out to  big public French companies in order to sell them a license for distribute the app. And it works. A few companies have already paid thousands of dollars to give access to the app to their employees.

Never Eat Alone connects employees to enjoy lunch together to share knowledge and network within the company.  In most corporations, employees only have lunch with their closest co-workers. Never Eat Alone offers a simple way to network with employees inside the company.  This is done through a mobile application where corporate employees sign in with their professional email accounts or LinkedIn. We then match them to enjoy lunch together.

Employees and companies use Never Eat Alone for:

• Knowledge exchange
• Internal hiring
• In-house networking

Set up lunches with just a few taps with colleagues from different departments and cities around the company. Simple as pie.

We’ll keep track of your upcoming lunches for you, and even let you reschedule with a few taps in case something comes up.

Chat with your lunch companion to set up the perfect time and place. Networking within your company has never been this easy.

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