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Obino (Calorie Counter, Diet Plans & Pedometer)

Reducing weight is been a challenge as you would need to visit a gym or a fitness center to do that, however with ObiNo the fitness center is on your mobile and you have the right to time and to get fit and all these are without non-natural ways. Obino shares information through Whatsapp Group messages.

Obino has been installed by 50,000+ users and has an average rating of 4.3 in Google play store

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Obino uses 22mb of RAM in Android 5.1


Obino is a virtual Weight Loss Coach on your mobile, that helps you to lose weight with an all-natural approach - no dependence on powders, pills, creams, gadgets or heavy workout routines.

Designed specifically for Indians, Obino focuses on a healthy diet, light activity like walking, adequate sleep and motivational counseling by experienced dieticians to reduce stress, control your food intake and make you more active – all of which leads to healthy and natural weight loss that is permanent.

In fact, Obino users on an average lose about 2-3 kilos per month!
And our paid users see a 50% improvement in their healthy food intake, become 40% more active and lose at least 6 kilos in 3 months!


Download the Obino app & follow our simple instructions to start losing weight today.

Tell us about yourself
Obino uses your profile to make personalized suggestions for calorie-counted and nutritious indian meals and easy activities that you can do, even at office.

Set your goals
Whether you want to eat healthier, feel more energetic, get fitter or lose weight, Obino develops a personalized plan for you instantly

Get personalised diet & fitness plans
Whether you're a working professional, a young mother or a pregnant lady or simply want a healthy lifestyle, we have a special plan for you

Track your calories & progress
Use our indian calorie counter with 4,500+ indian dishes & 600+ exercises plus a pedometer to count your steps. Monitor your weight and inches and watch them drop

Remember healthy habits
Our simple but effective reminders make sure you drink more water & green tea, eat on time and remember to take regular walks.

Clear your doubts & get guided by Experts
You're paired with a personal Weight Loss Coach - an experienced dietician, available via chat & call instantly - telling you what to eat whether you’re at home or outside (paid feature)

See where you Rank
Benchmark yourself amongst your friends to keep yourself motivated and happy.

Learn to cook healthy
See easy indian healthy calorie-counted recipes on your mobile & make the weight loss process more fun and interesting (paid feature)

Learn about your body & weight loss
Get expert tips, blogs & articles from our weight-loss bloggers, techniques to tone your body & keep focus on your weight loss efforts


A Dedicated Dietician available instantly on chat & call to clear your doubts & serve as a ready reckoner for healthy eating during your busy lifestyle (paid feature)

  • Indian Calorie Counter for meals & exercises
  • In-built Pedometer to count your steps
  • One-click Reminders for water, green tea, meals & walks
  • Easy Suggestions for calorie-counted meals & exercises
  • Indian Diet Plans for healthy lifestyles, working professionals, pregnant women and young mothers (paid feature)
  • Customized Fitness plans featuring the exercises you like – cardio & strength training options available (paid feature)
  • 00s of Healthy Recipes featuring easy-to-find ingredients that are already there in your kitchen (paid feature)
  • Points-based system to assess where you are & to benchmark your progress amongst your friends
  • Try & Buy option (for GoPro MINI) where you get a month's free trial to judge whether Obino works for you

About ObiNo

ObiNo, India’s 1st Mobile Weight Loss Coach, follows a 3-pronged Strategy to get you to your Weight Loss Goal – a Dedicated Health Coach + Personalised Diet & Fitness Plans + unique Mobile-App based Tools that are with you 24×7! Our ‘Dedicated Health Coaches‘ are professionals in the space of Nutrition & Food Science, Yoga, Fitness Training and lifestyle modification.  

‘Reminders‘ to ensure that you drink enough Water, eat the Right Calories at the right time and have your medicines! And of course, you can track your Meals, Exercise & Water on our App’s ‘My Diary‘ which your Health Coach can view and comment on in real-time!