Youth Apps - Pocketin- The Bargain App

Pocketin- Book a reservation at a restaurant at the Price you wish.

If you have been trying different restaurant to find the best price we would need to spent months together for getting a better deal, however with help of Pocketin you can to that in seconds.

Pocketin has been installed by 5000+ users and has an average rating of 4.7 in Google play store. 
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Pocketin is a simple and easy to use app where an user can send a reservation request at multiple restaurants at once citing his discount bid. Within 30 minutes, the user can get back responses from the restaurants with a simple yes or a no. So now, he can decide easily which place to visit depending upon who is willing to give him the best price and service!

What's more? The app comes with an in-built chat platform with 24X7 support of dining experts to help you decide your next visit at best prices and additional deals and cashback options!

  • Provide the details of your reservation
  • Select any number of restaurants and discount you wish
  • Know the result of your bids in real time.