Youth Apps – Pot – Sync your photos with your friends

Pot - The simplest way to collect photos among friends

Pot lets you collect photos of a trip or an event directly to your mobile's gallery. Sync pots among your friends in a single click. Each pot is saved as a folder in the phone's gallery itself. It's that simple.

Collaborate photos among friends like never before - From the gallery and for the gallery.

 Play Store

Pot has been installed by 500+ users and has an very high average rating of 4.8 in play store.

Collect photos of a trip or event directly to your favourite gallery. Sync folders among your friends in a single tap.

Create a Pot with a group of friends to collaborate photos of an event. Everyone in the Pot can start adding photos to the Pot.

All the photos added by everyone to that Pot will be saved and organised in a separate folder in all of your phone albums.

Photos sharing is so simple that you can add photos to a Pot even without having to open the app and can browse through the photos you received directly from your phone albums.

We built POT to be purely productive to make Photos(memories) sharing speedy and managed, without the usual caveats.



• GROUP SHARING - With Pot, you can form large group of members and everyone can send unlimited number of photos to all others.

• 100% FREE & NO ADS - Pot uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to share memories with friends and family. Pot is free and will always be free. We will never sell ads or introduce subscription fees.

• SIMPLE - Share directly from your phone’s gallery. Select the photos you want to share and just tap “Add to Pot”.

• TRUE `FROM THE GALLERY` - `TO THE GALLERY` EXPERIENCE - You can share and get memories without actually opening the app.

• ORGANIZED - All the photos of an event will be saved in your phone's gallery
in a separate Album and also in all your friends’ phones with the Pot(event) name you choose.

• MINIMAL INTERFACE - Pot is completely focused on Productivity for photo sharing. We cut through the clutter to give you a simple, tactile and efficient interface to share your memories.

• PRIVACY - We take your privacy seriously and will never give third parties access to your data. All the photos shared by you will be stored in your own google drive and you have the full control on your data you shared.

• SMART - Everything else is so automated that you would have never felt photo collaboration can be this simple.

• UNLIMITED SHARES^ - You can share unlimited number of photos from pot seamlessly.

• HIGH QUALITY - You can share high quality images .Yes! Pot doesn’t compress or scale down your images.

• SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE - Everything is cloudified. If you lose your phone or have to change your phone, you don’t lose your memories. You can get all the memories just in a single tap.

‣ ^Depends on your Google Drive space availability