Youth Apps – Weta - Free Temporary Contact Manager

Weta - Adding temporary contact numbers is now a breeze! 

Weta is a free Android app that helps you easily save your temporary contact numbers. That’s not all. You can add notes to each call, mark annoying calls as spam and also set call reminder alerts. In the next phase of development, we plan to add several interactive features that will make the app an indispensable contact management tool.

De-clutter your contact list with Weta Contact Manager. Get productive with notes, call reminders and spam alerts!

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Weta has been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating 4.5 on Google play store.

If you are like us scribbling phone numbers you don’t want to save on your phone, Weta is the perfect answer. This nifty contact management app helps you add temporary phone numbers easily in a different phone book. Now, that’s something everyone would love. You main contact list will remain uncluttered with only the numbers you want to save.

Weta contact management app also helps you with the following features:

Add notes to each call:
Closed a business deal over phone? Trying to recollect what you spoke to someone 6 months back? Notes is the answer. What’s more, the next time you receive a call from the same user, the notes content appear as an overlay along with their number.

Add calls to spam:
Everyone dreads calls from telemarketers. Then there are other pesky calls born just to annoy you. With Weta, you can mark these callers as spam, so that you get a spam alert the next time they try to call you.

Call reminder:
Won’t it be nice if you are reminded of the calls and other tasks you need to carry out? With the handy reminder alert feature, Weta provides you that little nudge you need to remind of a task.

Manage Duplicate Contacts:
Find duplicate numbers or names in your contact list and easily delete or merge them.

Phone number backup:
Take a backup of all your phone numbers by exporting them in .VCF format. You can also mail or message the contact list and import them later.

Fully private:
With Weta Contact Manager your phone numbers are all yours and not shared with anyone else.

Integrated call and SMS:
Make a call or send a text message right from Weta.

We are coming up with more contact management features that will make Weta an indispensable app on your phone.