Brigge – The Social Network for Activities

Youth Apps - Brigge – The Social Network for Activities

Brigge is a social platform where people can discover and participate in activities happening in their areas of interest. Apart from discovery, Brigge also lets people create activities that other like-minded folk can join. Brigge users can also share updates and photos within the activity.

Brigge has been installed by 100+ users and has an average rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store.
 Brigge Apps

Brigge occupies 33.04 MB of your device storage and cannot be moved into extended storage on non-rooted devices.  Brigge apps can be installed on any android devices running 4.0 and above.
Brigge mobile app aims to bring real world interactions back into social networking.  Looking for exciting things to do? Looking for company? Look no further. Brigge helps you find activities created by people that you can be a part of or find people to join you in your endeavor.

Our categories are carefully picked to accommodate variety of interests. 
  • Photo-walk at the beach during sunrise? You’ll create it here under ‘Photography'
  • Morning runs with other regular joggers? Check out activities in ‘Running’
  • Teaching underprivileged kids at an orphanage? Those are ‘Community'
  • Heritage trip to temples with other heritage lovers? That’s ‘Culture’
  • Hackathon at a startup nearby? That goes in ‘Technology’

Some amazing features  
  • No extended personal information required. We want nothing from you but your time well spent.
  • Join activities you will participate. Follow activities that you want to know more about but not thinking of participating yet.
  • Create activities with one simple click. Put a name, photo, date, time and location and you’re good to start letting people in.
  • Discovery is for activities and people too. You can even discover people who share your interests.
  • Post updates and pin posts inside your activity. Give announcements, post photos as well as ask and answer questions.
  • Receive real-time push notifications
  • Create 'Spaces' for your activity group or brand