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Bushlark is a real-time location aware crowd-sourced Q&A and broadcasting platform. Everyone walks around with a smartphone in hand and has all the means for reporting/answering for a topic of interest and thus is our local reporter or local expert. Bushlark will enable other users to get real time local information from these local reporters.

Bushlark has been installed by 100+ users and has an average rating of 5 in Google Play Store.
 Bushlark Apps

Bushlark occupies 24.83 mb of your device storage and cannot be moved to SD on an non-rooted device.  Bushlark can be installed on any android device running version 4.0 and above

Bushlark will fetch real time local information that you need. You can ask any kind of question or seek information for a location. Users who are at that location at that time or are experts will answer you with real time answers. Also you can check-in at your favorite places, follow locations to get updates, alerts, tips. More you use more badges, coins you will earn and sooner you will become local expert of your locality.

Bushlark in short

  • Ask questions for a location and every question has an expiry
  • Control what kind of answers you want. Only text, any picture or answers with live picture. 
  • Answer questions you receive before they expire
  • Check-in and share on your preferred social network 
  • Follow locations and get updates about check-ins, alerts, tips, etc for them
  • Earn badges, coins for questions,answers and check-ins
  • Become local expert faster by giving most relevant answers. Best answers will get you maximum coins.
  • Strict reporting and moderation rules. Report any question/answer/check-in/reply/content that you do not like.
  • Help the community and get help from the community

Ask Anything
Ask questions by tagging a location and bushlark will deliver to experts in that area who can answer your queries. Answer questions by asked by other users and become an expert yourself. Good karma pays off :)

Explore Places
Follow your favourite locations like your neighbourhood or dream destination and check out what's happening in those localities. Capture and post a cool or significant event for a location and be a trailblazer

Earn Rewards
Earn expert points and become an expert of your favourite locations and interest areas. Earn cool badges and coins by checking in and responding to questions, use these coins to further your reach to the experts when you ask a question.

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