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PriceMap Buyer allows you to search for a product online and then find out which stores in your local market are carrying the same product and offering you what kind of deal. PriceMap Buyer gets you the convenience of online shopping with the trust of a physical shop. PriceMap is your very own personalized bazaar right in your mobile.

PriceMap has been installed by 5000+ users and has an average rating of 3.9 in Google Play Store.
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PriceMap will occupy 26.19 MB of your device storage and cannot be moved onto an external storage on a non-rooted device.  PriceMap can be installed on any android device running 4.0 and above.

With PriceMap Buyer, you beat the traffic and parking nightmare to go shop by shop just to find out which shop is carrying the product you want. Search on-line and share with us what you want to buy. PriceMap will come back and tell you which shops in which markets are carrying the same product. Not just that, it will also get you their best offer.

Sitting in the convenience of your home or office, you can get the offers from retailers in your city for the product you want to buy.

PriceMap helps you to make an informed buying decision

PriceMap provides you with retailer reputation and other insights so that you can make an informed decision to accept or reject a deal. It allows you to compare on-line and off-line prices for the same product and thereby get the very best deal.

PriceMap does not get into actual financial transaction. Once you accept a deal, PriceMap will connect you to the shop. The payment and goods delivery is directly between you and the shopkeeper. PriceMap is solely designed to make your shopping experience pleasant.

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