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YourDOST is an online counseling and psychological support system where users can anonymously seek support from psychologists and other trained individuals.

YourDOST is a startup which aims to establish a unique platform for mental wellbeing and emotional support. YourDOST connects experts to people who look to discuss any kind of emotional issues while providing them required anonymity. In current world stress and mental imbalance is really on high and YourDOST could address most of the problems, stress and anxiety.

YourDOST has been helping people since 2014 and have around 70,000+users.  Their recent launch of YourDOST apps has been installed by 100+ users and has the potential to be a great application which can be used by millions.  YourDOST has an average rating of 4.8 in Google Play Store.
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YourDOST consumes 17.34 MB(*) of storage in your device and the apps cannot be moved on to an external storage on a non-rooted device.  YourDOST can be installed on any android device running 4.1* (*Varies with device) and above.

We mostly are not willing to talk about these fearing social implications and for the fear of being judged, however YourDOST are confident that technology combined with empathy and right kind of experts will go a long way in helping people going through a various emotional and mental challenges and equipping them to better deal with it.

The professionally trained counselors and experts at YourDOST will help you cope with difficult times - financial, stress, trauma, relationships, work pressure, depression, self-image and many more - and also support you in your quest for self-improvement.

Our Experts (Your DOST) can help you develop: 
  • Healthy personal relationships
  • A productive and satisfying work-life balance
  • A more focused approach towards achieving your goals
  • A more confident self

The ability to deal with pressures of all kinds and from many sources - personal, societal, peer

The YourDOST app helps you seek that support:

  1. A live CHAT or an email conversation with an expert of your choice.
  2. Connect with people in similar situations on our discussion forums.
  3. Explore and learn from the wide collection of stories, graphics and video.