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Get connected to your car & make smarter decisions everyday using CaRPM.

Unlock the treasure trove of data that your car holds & become a smart car owner today. Save fuel costs, compete with friends and increase your car's resale value, all through a single app.  CaRPM has been installed by 100+ users and has an average rating of 4.6 in Google Play Store.
 CaRPM Apps

CaRPM occupies 23.17MB of your device storage and cannot be moved into SD card.  CaRPM can be installed on any android device running version 3.0 and above.

CaRPM is THE app for all car owners. Detect engine faults, save money on fuel & maintenance and see how you drive trip by trip.

Tired of not knowing what's wrong with your car and having to rely on the mechanic's word? Want to know how much you spend on fuel each month? Unsure of how your fuel economy varies with traffic & your driving habits?

Now, you can get the answers to all these questions through CaRPM. CaRPM brings your car to your phone. Now, whenever you see the Check Engine Light on, just open CaRPM and you'll know the malfunctioning component. You can see how your fuel economy varies with each trip and how to maximize it. Also get regular updates on your car's health and see how your driving affects it.

How to use the app:

You need to have an OBDII scanner to read your car's data. CaRPM works with any generic Bluetooth OBDII scanner. It's totally up to you to choose which one you want to buy, many of these scanners is as low as Rs. 600. You can buy these scanners from any e-commerce site or write to us at to send you a scanner.

Once you have a scanner, just plug it in your car. The OBDII port is located near the driver, you don't have to open your bonnet at all. It's usually situated below the steering and plugging in the scanner is as simple as plugging in a pen drive on your laptop. After plugging it in, start up your car & pair the device with your mobile phone. The pin is 1234 and you only need to pair it once.

Open the CaRPM app, go to settings and choose OBDII as the Bluetooth device. Whenever you open the app next, it'll automatically pair with the device and connect you to your car.