Deskout - Find a nice place to work outside

Youth Apps - Deskout - Find a nice place to work outside

Deskout helps you find work-friendly places around you. Deskout want people to enjoy the experience and the fresh air of working outside the office. 

Deskout provides you information about how good is the WiFi, how many plugs they have, what is the noise level and of course how good is the coffee!

Deskout has been installed by 50+ users and has an average rating of 5.0 in Google Play Store.

 Desktop App

Deskout occupies 26.17MB of your device storage and cannot be moved onto your SD Card.  Deskout can be installed on any android device running version 4.2 and above.

The traditional style of working from a dedicate work place was already shifting towards Home working and the new style seems to be connecting from your favorite place, whether it be a coffee shop or a plaza.  As the technology and people are more agile the place of work should be at convince and Deskout could be answer to find the right place to work which has all the required connectivity and ambience.