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Eckovation aim to connect two of the foremost institutions, home and school, in a simple but effective way, through use of technology. Eckovation is going to enhance the quality of education in India.  This platform has the ability to fill the gap between parents , teachers , students that is currently prevailing in India Education System.

Eckovation has been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating of 4.6 in Google Play Store.
 Eckovation Apps

Eckovation occupies 17.15 MB on your device storage and cannot be moved onto a SD Card. Eckovation can be installed on any android device running version 2.3 and above.

Eckovation brings to you a free and secure platform where students, teachers and parents can connect and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. Manage your academics, clarify doubts and interact with fellow members in specially designed groups. Share photos, audio files and text on the group and get connected. Taking learning beyond the classrooms, teachers can send reminders, assignments or motivational messages directly to students and parent's accounts. We recognize that teachers are a busy lot, however they can send personalized messages to parents and students. How the 

Eckovation app works is really simple:


1. Create your account to connect with teachers and your wards.
2. Get constant report of your wards progress.
3. Be informed about upcoming quizzes, assignments and exams.
4. Save your time by connecting with teachers in real time.


1. Create your account and form a class group.
2. Upload assignments, projects and important instructions.
3. Real time clarification of doubts and connect with parents.
4. Track daily assessments easily and efficiently.


1. Create your personalized student profile.
2. Join your class group to connect with other members.
3. Stay connected and be aware about the assignments and projects.