Inky Blocks - Inky Blocks is the game for your soul

Youth Apps - Inky Blocks is not a game for your brain. Inky Blocks is the game for your soul.

Inky Blocks new perspective on beloved by all Tetris! Novelty specially designed for those who loved as a child spend hours playing Tetris on a small console. Inky Blocks call up a nice feeling of nostalgia from gameplay and at the same time surprising new features for the player, together with an incredibly pleasant picture and modern music tracks from sound-producer HAXXY, the winner of Avicii x You Awards.!

These five things are connected to Inky Blocks to stimulate your sense of beauty, and maximize the aesthetic pleasure! Based on famous game mechanics, this game brings you real pleasure of walkthrough.

Inky Blocks has been installed by 1000+ users and has an average rating of 4.6 in Google Play store.
Inky Block Apps

Inky Blocks occupies 82.25MB on your device storage and cannot be moved into SD Card.  Inky Blocks can be installed on any android device running version 4.1 and above.


Effectively destroy walls of figures and collect points in order to use the unique skills!
Innovative dynamical system of the game difficulty is inherent on every level and adapted individually for each player, whether you're a beginner or an professional in mobile games, for maximum comfort and balance of the game.
Complete all 20 levels to unlock loading from any level!


Incredibly smooth and beautiful animations, –°olors that look maximally harmonious, and sometimes can lead to the most unexpected combinations capable to cause a wide variety of moods.


Each detail in Inky Blocks is elaborated to perfection with all soul so play, enjoy and gain new game experience.


12 unique and modern compositions by talented sound producer HAXXY, winner of Avicii x You. Deep and low sounds fill the game with unique atmosphere. You have to hear it. Headphones highly recommended.

Why Inky Blocks?
Pleasure for your eyes. Relax for your ears. A lot of fun! Just launch Inky Blocks, and you will see.